Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Craft Shows - Cash for your Stash!

Craft Shows have for years been a great way to make a little money to support your bead "habit." You can sell the extra jewelry you are no longer "in love" with, make jewelry specifically to sell at the show, or make samples and take orders. And craft shows are coming back with a vengence. The economic crash of a couple of years ago had some benefits for new people wanting to get started selling their jewelry: Many of the smaller craft shows that had cropped up didn't survive, and they took with them many "hobbiests" who had jumped on the craft show bandwagon.

Did you know that a Craft Show was the beginning of 1 Stop Bead Shop? Back in the day, before I opened 1 Stop Bead Shop, I was just happily learning to make jewelry for myself. My back yard neighbor asked me to come do a craft show for her church fundraiser. When I told her I had never made jewelry to sell before, she said, "Well, get busy." Two things happened at that craft show: 1) I talked to other vendors who gave me a list of some of the best craft shows. 2) After taking quite a few orders, I went to Byzantium to get all the supplies I needed and discovered I needed beads I could not always get there. That need, to have more beads than I could get locally, is what grew into the idea of 1 Stop Bead Shop just a few months later.

Here are a few pointers I can
give you if you're thinking about doing craft shows:

HOW to Find them
1) Contact local schools and ask if they are hosting any craft shows in the fall. Ask them for the contact information for the coordinator.
2) Churches often host craft shows or rent their facilities to other orgnizations for their craft shows.
3) The internet has scores of lists of craft shows.
4) Large companies often host shopping events for their employees. Ask your friends if their company does this. They can refer you to the contact person.
5) Schools will sometimes allow you to set up in the teacher break room. Start with your own school where they know you. And always be nice to the secretary. If she's excited about it, you're golden.
6) Ask your friends if they'll host a private showing for you and invite their friends. Giving her a complementary or highly discounted piece of jewelry is always a welcome incentive.

Some DO's & Don'ts for a Successful Craft Show:
1) DO display your jewelry beautifully. It will sell for more and attract more attention if you give it a high quality look.
2) Don't do 1st time craft shows. They are often not well advertised and don't have a following yet. When in doubt, ask.
3) DO ask if you can have an "exclusive" and be the only jewelry vendor there. If not, ask them if they at least have a limit.
4) Don't forget to take change with you - Ones & Fives. If you price everything in even dollar amounts you won't need small change.
5) DO keep a record of your sales & be sure to get the buyer's name and email so can let them know about other craft shows and new designs they'll like.
6) DO get into juried craft shows if you can. A juried craft show is when you have to submit samples of your intended wares to be voted on by a committee. These shows tend to be longer running with higher end merchandise which attracts clientelle who come to spend rather than just gather ideas, and have better advertising drawing larger crowds.
7) DO your homework. Do as much research as you can about Craft shows. The internet is full of sites that will give you great pointers and ideas. Sometimes an idea you never expect will be the goose that lays the golden egg. Here are a couple with some worthwhile pointers:

How to Sell at Craft Fairs
Get Your Craft Show Business off the Ground

Good luck in your Jewelry Business. It has brought me years of enjoyment. Come back to the 1 Stop Bead Shop Blog in the weeks to come for more ideas on how to make money doing the craft you love!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Class Levels & What to Bring to a 1 Stop Bead Shop Class

You may have noticed that we like teaching classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop. In fact, 1 Stop Bead Shop offers more jewelry making classes than most area stores combined. We have been offering over 90 classes per quarter for over 6 years now. With all those classes, there is a lot of information we have to communicate in a very limited space. So occasionally questions come up. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked ones:

Class Levels – What they mean & why they are important to you:

Level 1 – Beginning – Open to all students. No previous knowledge required. All the basics will be covered and the class will be gently paced.
Level 2 – Beginning/Intermediate - Open to all students - Some previous knowledge or the ability to pick up new techniques easily suggested. Some basics will still be covered, but these classes will move more quickly beyond the basics and the techniques learned will be somewhat more challenging. This level is often assigned to beginning classes that will not be completed in the space of time of the class. No pre-requisite experience required.
Level 3 – IntermediatePre-requisite experience in a similar skill set required. This level of class will require that you know the basic skill sets and will move quickly into an exciting new challenge for the advancing beader.
Level 4 – Intermediate/Advanced – Pre-requisite classes or experience required.
Level 5 – Advanced – For the student who wants to learn the secrets of the artists!

Q. Can I take a level 3 class if I have not had the Pre-requisite?
a. No. Pre-requisites are listed to ensure that you and your fellow students have the most positive experience possible. If you are struggling for lack of the necessary skills, your experience will be frustrating and you will take valuable instructor time away from students who are ready for the next step.
Q. How do I ensure that I am in the appropriate level class?
a. Refer to the schedule or class description on-line and inquire with store personnel if you are still unsure. 1 Stop Bead Shop personnel does not screen students to ensure pre-requisite knowledge. Our philosophy is that we provide as much information as possible to allow the student to make an informed choice.

Q. Will I finish my project in class?
a. With the exception of the most basic Level 1 classes, many classes will NOT finish in class. Because of the nature of most bead weaving classes, often the bulk of the time in a project is spent repeating the stitch to the desired length. In order to keep the instructor cost as reasonable as possible, most of our classes are 2.5 to 3 hour classes. All instructors provide written instructions and design their classes so that you have learned how to add the finishes at home once you have completed the project.
b. Classes that require use of a torch or kiln will generally complete the project in class, but it may need to remain in the store until it is kiln fired, or cools.

Q. Will I receive written instructions?
a. Yes. All 1 Stop instructors provide written instructions so that you will be able to complete the project and/or make more later.

Tools & Materials to bring to class

Q. What should I bring to class?
a. Tools
b. Beads or materials – unless kit is indicated
c. Glasses, magnification, task light – if you need/want.

Q. How do I know if the class requires me to bring my own beads?
a. The printed class schedule and the class description on the website will say “Kit” or “Materials.” Sometimes it will indicate both, which means there is a partial kit, but also materials you should bring.

Q. Where can I find the list of tools/materials needed for class?
a. Contact store personnel – via email, phone or in person – and a complete list will be provided. Materials lists are generally avail 3-4 weeks in advance.

Q. Does 1 Stop Bead Shop provide the tools for class?
a. Generally NO – 1 Stop Bead Shop does not provide tools for classes. – 1 Stop Bead Shop has the philosophy that you are learning to do a technique that you cannot repeat at home unless you own the tools.
b. Exceptions:
i. Beginning Lampwork – we provide everything. If you want to buy the tool kit, it is available for purchase after class.
ii. Kumihimo on the Marudai – You may rent the marudai for the class. If you decide to purchase, rental fee applies to purchase.
iii. Specialty classes – Unusual classes that require tools you are not likely to already own. Torch classes often fall into this category.

Q. Can I borrow tools for the class?
a. 1 Stop Bead Shop has a limited number of tool sets available to share in class. These are provided as a courtesy for those who may have forgotten theirs or have not yet decided which ones to purchase. Depending on the size of the class, tools could be shared between 4-5 students.

Q. Why isn’t there a kit for every class?
a. A lot of 1 Stop Bead Shop students already own many beads that they would like to use in their class projects.
b. Advanced classes sometimes have creativity options that allow you to alter the design.

Q. Can I bring my own beads if the class schedule says “Kit.”
a. No. If the class schedule indicates “Kit” then a kit purchase is required. When kits are required it is generally for 1 of 2 reasons:
i. It is a very beginner class and kits are made available to simplify the often daunting task of choosing and matching colors.
ii. It is imperative to use the “exact” thing that the sample was made with in order that the project work correctly – ie. Size of bead, bead hole size, size of jump ring, gauge or type of wire, etc.

Q. Does 1 Stop Bead Shop guarantee the EXACT same beads or colorway that was used in the class sample?
a. No. Beads come and go. With the exception of a few brands (Swarovski beads, most Japanese Seed Beads, Vintaj, Tierra Cast) most beads are made at the whim of the designer/bead maker. Additionally, manufacturers don’t always have all of their beads in stock either, and they also discontinue shapes and colors. Think of it like a clothing store - you do not expect them to carry every size in every color forever.
b. 1 Stop Bead Shop’s guarantee is that we will have everything you need to complete the project successfully, and will offer you as much variety as possible if choices are appropriate for the project.

Other Misc. Class Questions:

Q. I’ve seen a class in your store and now I’m ready to take it, but don’t see it any more. Can I still take it?
a. Perhaps. Let the staff know what you want. We can add you to a wishlist, or suggest a private class.

Q. Does 1 Stop Bead Shop offer private classes?
a. Private classes can be coordinated if:
i. No class is being offered (or will be in the near future) that teaches the skill you want to learn – provided we have an instructor who knows the technique and is willing to arrange for a private class.
ii. You want to learn multiple techniques in a condensed period of time.
b. Private class fees are $45 an hour w/ a 2 hour minimum, and are by appointment only.

1 Stop Bead Shop just released our BRAND NEW Summer Class Schedule. Click on the link and sign up for a class today. Find out why 1 Stop Bead Shop is your Beaducation Headquarters in Central Ohio.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making the World a Better Place One Person at a Time

I just read 2 things yesterday that got me to thinking and inspired me to share them with you.
The first one was in a Blog article about my very good friend Alexa McCallister, and the 2nd was a book... more about that in a minute. What caught my attention in Alexa's story is how her mother started her from the tender age of 6 by teaching her to talk to the wait staff when she was out to dinner. She taught her how to ask them questions about themselves with the goal of teaching her daughter to socialize. But what Lex's mother accomplished that was even more important than Lex's ability to socialize, was how to find the value in every person she meets. Today, Lex has built a career of connecting people because she intuitively sees how they can help each other.
There is a connectivity thread in life, and when we begin to see it our lives start to have a larger vision and generally make more sense. Alexa's story put me in mind of my father, who always talked with the waitresses, "entertaining" them with his silly iced tea joke, and finding out about their lives. Some kids might have been embarrased, but for me, it was fun watching Daddy comfortably talk with everyone he met. I never realized (and he probably didn't either) that he was training me to pay attention to people. Without realizing that it was a "learned" behavior, I have gotten to know a lot of servers, clerks, even bathroom cleaning people over the years, just by smiling at them and starting a casual chit chat. I did it because I genuinely like people - getting to know about their lives. But there was a residual effect that I was less aware of until recently - it's possible that my little acts of friendliness made the other person's day a little better too.

The more I have put this front of mind, the more I have realized how hungry we all are for connectivity, recognition, a feeling of worth, a smile, a friend, being noticed. And the more I realized that, the more I realized how much POWER we all have to Make the World a Better Place One Person at a Time. My husband does this a Christmas time. A few years ago he recognized that clerks get a lot of abuse by grumpy, inconsiderate shoppers at that time of year. He made a conscious decion that he was going to smile and give a cheery greeting to every clerk he encountered. Some of them have been genuinely surprised - imagine!
Trying to put it into even more practice in my life than just talking to the people who are taking my dinner order, I have found myself thanking the person who is clearning the public bathroom while I'm in there. If you want to see someone look surprised, just try that sometime. They are surprised you even SEE them, let alone speak to them.

One of the things I believe in strongly is that "You get what you focus on."
I recognized that occurring again yesterday when I went to Barnes & Noble for a book that they did not have in stock. Wanting something to read, I spotted a book I had heard about before from Action Coach - The Fred Factor. As soon as I read the dust cover, I KNEW it was the book for me. I haven't even finished it yet, but I highly recommend it to everyone. It's the TRUE story of a US Postal carrier named Fred who made everyone's life around him better by focusing on how he could best fill their individual needs as their postal carrier. As I read how he did it, I was inspired to make that my life's mission - To Make the World a Better Place One Person at a Time - by noticing them, talking to them, acknowledging them, smiling at them, listening to them, being kind to them, helping them, being polite to them.

We've all had experiences like this, whether it was from the giving end or the receiving end. It made me wonder, what would our little corner of the world look like at the end of 2012 if EACH of us just started focusing on the people who are all around us. So my challenge to all of the super-nice people I know who shop at 1 Stop Bead Shop, is what can you do today, tomorrow, and each day after to Make the World a Better Place One Person at a Time?

I want to hear your stories - stories that have happened to you - stories of simple little ways that you made someone's day better today. Won't you please take a moment and share your stories here or on our 1 Stop Bead Shop Facebook page? How cool would it be if we started our own little 1 Stop Bead Shop "Better World" movement? Just a quiet little movement of noticing and being nice to everyone around us....

What's your story?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stephanie's Ode to An Ugly Necklace - In honor of our Ugly Necklace Contest

Ode To An Ugly Necklace

My so-called "ugly necklace" has quite grown on me.
It's hideousness bewitching.
Clumsy - yes.
Awkward - a bit.
But, on my neck, a perfect fit.

With it on I feel like a goddess,
The stares -- they don't faze me.
Though I must be particularly careful
The Fashion Police don’t charge a fee.

Critics call my work "over-zealous,"
But I think they are just jealous.
"Principles of Composition,"
Oh please!
Beauty is what the beholder sees.

(Inspired by: Kimberly Dods' An Ode to My Ugly Necklace - Peralta, New Mexico)

Voting for the 1 Stop Bead Shop Ugly Necklace Contest extended through Easter weekend 2012. Stop in today and support your favorite "Ugly" Necklace.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's in a Trunk Show

I remember the first time I heard the term "Trunk Show."
I was a neophyte beader and didn't know that such a wonder existed. I tend to see pictures in my head, so this is what popped into my head first:

I could just as easily have seen this:

Or this:

Not sure I would have seen this - it gives new meaning to Trunk "show":

But THIS is what you're going to see:
And even though pictures do speak a thousand words, let me speak just a few more:

Fantastic Sale Specials - to be announced at show!

Thousands of bead strands - Visit our website for product listing.

2 DAYS ONLY! - They bring the beads to us and take them home. NO HOLD OVER DAYS for this show.

Friday & Saturday, March 30 & 31, 2012
10:00 - 6:00 Both Days

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet the Artist - Carol Cypher

1 Stop Bead Shop is excited to offer you a "once in a great while" opportunity to learn a technique that is NOT taught at our store - Felted Jewelry making. While you may not have woken up this morning, saying, "I want to learn Felted Jewelry," it is an intriguing and fun medium that has never been explored at 1 Stop that you can add to your already extensive repretoire of techniques. At the prices for which 1 Stop Bead Shop is bringing you the classes, you can afford to "try it out."

Carol Cypher, a professional fiber artist focusing on feltmaking and beadwork, is known for her provocative pairing of the two mediums. Cypher teaches workshops throughout the US, Australia, Germany, the U.K. and Japan, and her work is exhibited and widely published in these places.

PUBLISHED - Her Books:
Her first book, HAND FELTED JEWELRY AND BEADS: 25 ARTFUL DESIGNS enjoyed a couple printings and is now declared "out of print.

is a compilation of 63 original projects that provide a full and rounded repertoire of beading stitches. Currently in stock at 1 Stop Bead Shop. (Click on the title to buy.)

In HOW WE FELT: DESIGNS AND TECHNIQUES FROM CONTEMPORARY FELT ARTISTS, Carol shares tips and technique of 20 felt artists, including her own. When asked to write a book on feltmaking for the Japanese publisher Patchwork Tsushin Co., her English manuscript was translated into Japanese by Motoko Natsubori and published October 2008. She has shared her techniques on PBS, DIY and HGTV television networks in addition to workshops and classes worldwide.

1 Stop Bead Shop is honored that Carol has agreed to travel to Ohio to share her extensive knowledge exclusively for 1 Stop students. In an intimate classroom setting, and a much smaller venue than the Bead & Button Show, 1 Stop students will have 20 hours and 5 class opportunities to get to know Carol while they learn from one of the nation's elite and most respected beadwork and Felted jewerly designers. What's more, 1 Stop students get the classes at a great reduction from the exact same classes taught at the Bead & Button Show.

Compare 1 Stop Bead Shop's Hand Felted Bangle with Beaded Bead at $50 to B&B's exact same class at $100!
(Click on the 1 Stop links to sign up for our classes.)

Or compare 1 Stop Bead Shop's Complex Cane Hand Felted Bead Necklace at $80 plus $30 kit to B&B's $190 for the same class!

Carol has a Blogspot where she shares ideas and tips about her work, and you can learn more about why felting has become so popular.

What Others are saying about Carol:

(From Imagine - Felt Making Weekend with Carol Cypher)
"The Felt Making Week-End with Carol Cypher at Imagine! was a magical and wonderful experience. Carol is delightful, kind and great fun. She is articulate and a generous expert in her field. She taught the class how exciting it is to make felt and then to embellish it with beads to make gorgeous jewelry and accessories."
"Everyone agreed that we want her back. She coved so much in her two day sessions including needlefelting which was more intricate and bold than most of the craft work that we have seen. She shared several types of felting techniques and tips and she brought lush samples of her extraordinary work for inspiration."

1 Stop Bead Shop is proud to be hosting Carol Cypher as our Featured Guest Artist in May 2012. Visit our website for all the details and to sign up for Carol's classes, or call the store at 614-573-6452.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where Have All the Good Pearls Gone?

Have you noticed that searching for Pearls today feels very much like Johnny Depp’s quest for the Black Pearl
and leaves you asking the same question he wanted to know about the rum, “Where have all the pearls gone?” We certainly noticed, so we went on a quest to find the answer. Turns out is not as simple as we were originally led to believe.
According to one of our vendors, the Japanese pearl beds were hard hit by the tsunamis and subsequent radiation leaks, and it destroyed Japan’s oysters. While there were a couple of initial reports that this “could” be a problem, most reports coming from Japan say that the oyster beds were in the south & west of Japan where the tsunami didn’t have a primary impact. So that still leaves us asking, “Where have all the pearls gone?”
Perhaps the answers lay less in environmental factors and more in economic factors. It takes 18-36 months to grow a decent quality pearl. Even the lowest quality pearls (some would be hard-put to use the word “quality” at all) take a minimum of 8 months to grow. China is the number one producer of freshwater pearls in the world. As the US bead market grew, Chinese growers produced like crazy, shortening the growing times and flooding the bead market with low quality freshwater pearls. Pearls were everywhere! And prices were low, low, low as vendors practically beat each other up vying for our business. And like the tide, where there is a flow, there must be an ebb. Where there is low profitability, a slowdown or cease in production will inevitably follow.

And the Chinese bead producers found a new love – crystal! Crystal – faster to produce than pearls – you don’t have to GROW them – has the sparkle of money. And there are always rocks – they are already there. They just have to be dug out, shaped and polished. And that leaves us with what we saw at the Gem & Jewelry Show this past weekend – nearly every vendor was Chinese and most of them had only low quality “semi-precious” and crystal beads. The pearls that were there appeared to be leftovers from years gone by – very large, weird colors, or extremely rough quality.

So will the inexpensive freshwater pearls we had become accustomed to be back? It’s anyone’s guess. (We could start a pool and see who turns out right in 3 years or so.) If pearl beds were allowed to die, the mollusks will have to be re-cultivated, and pearl growing resumed. Our vendor predicted at least 3 years (the ideal time to grow a pearl) before we see pearls back on the market. Even if easy-to-find pearls do reenter the market, it is likely that we will never again see the rock bottom prices and easy pickin’s of the past.

Bottom line, enjoy the pearls you have, and expect to pay higher prices for pearls for the foreseeable future, as we all wait to see whether pearls will make a rebound in a few years or not.

1 Stop Bead Shop has a small supply of reasonably priced ($6-$12 strands) ivory freshwater pearls still in stock… while supply lasts.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

1 Stop Bead Shop Gives You Lots of Ways to Show Off Your Talents

At 1 Stop Bead Shop, one of our goals is to support and expand the beading community. We do that by offering classes, and also by supporting, sponsoring, and designing contests in which you can participate. There are currently 2 contests running with upcoming deadlines for entry, and we just increased our sponsorship of the Ohio State Fair Jewelry competition. Here's what you need to know to participate:

1 Stop Bead Shop Ugly Necklace Contest

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

We want your ugliest creations! We are so used to making gorgeous things and we want you to try to do the opposite. Use your choice of colors, bead types, design styles and whatever else you think of to create the ugliest necklace possible.

Rules & Information:
1. Must submit finished piece on or before Thursday March 22, 6:00 p.m.
2. Finished piece must be a necklace.
3. In-store voting will take place Saturday March 24 through Saturday March 31.
4. Winners will be announced via phone Monday April 2. Winners will also be announced in the weekly newsletter Thursday April 5.

Grand Prize: $25 Gift Card
1st Runner Up: $15 Gift Card
2nd Runner Up: Bead Prize (Valued at $10)
Staff Honorable Mention: $15 Gift Card

2012 Treasures of TOHO Competition
4/6/2012 Last Day to Submit Artwork to Stores
Even though this date is only a month away, don't let that intimidate you.
Many of you already have finished designs that qualify.
If you bought your seed beads at 1 Stop Bead Shop, they are Toho!

Competition Divisions
Beginning Beader: 1-2 Years Experience
Intermediate Beader: 3-4 Years Experience
Advanced Beader: 5+ Years Experience

Competition Categories
Wearable Art: necklaces, bracelets, gloves, clothing, purses, adornments
Sculptural Art: free standing work, wall hangings
AIKO Beads: wearable or sculptural

Competition Rules
• All Work must be original.
• Designs must be at least 80% TOHO beads. Embellishing w/ crystals, stones, silver, etc. must be only 20% of the design.
• No submissions that have been published or in another compeition
• Registration forms and a complete list of rules can be found at sponsoring store.
• Entries must be turned in to 1 Stop Bead Shop by April 6, 2012 at 6:00pm.
• Store will select 1 design from entries submitted to forward to Toho to be entered in the national competition. Designers will be contacted to announce selection. Selected design will be returned after the Bead & Button Show in early June.

Competition Prizes
First Place: $300 Gift Certificate
Second Place: $200 Gift Certificate
Third Place: $100 Gift Certificate
There will be a First, Second & Third chosen in each Division and Category. Prizes will be supplied by TOHO and issued through the sponsoring store.
Please visit your local participating bead store for more information and the complete rules.

Past Winners can be seen here. Great for oogling & for inspiration.

1 Stop Bead Shop is again Exclusive Sponsor of Jewelry Division Competition at Ohio State Fair!

And, we've raised the prize levels by $200 for a total of $600 in Prizes to be given away! (Please note: Link to Jewelry Divison is from 2011 and has not yet been updated with category changes or prize amounts for 2012.)

Deadline for REGISTRATION is not until Mid-June. Watch the 1 Stop Bead Shop Website and the Ohio State Fair Website for announcement of dates.

Categories & Prizes are:
Class: Awards
1. Bead Making - defined as the art of making beads from glass, Metal Clay, paper,
textiles/fibers, polymer clay, ceramics, Lapidary, wood carving, etc
2. Bead Stringing - defined as one bead after another strung in a linear fashion
on flexible beading wire
3. Bead EmbroideryNEW - defined as any bead project using needle to sew beads onto a fabric surface
4. Bead Weaving - defined as any bead project which uses a needle, where beads are sewn to each other, including any bead weaving stitch and loom weaving
5. Knotting - defined as bead crochet, knitting, Kumihimo, pearl knotting, macramé, micro macramé, tatting, etc
6. Metal Smithing - defined as made of hand forged, textured, shaped, riveted, soldered or otherwise worked metal, wax casting, metal enameling etc
7. Wire Working - defined as wire wrapping, coiling, chain maille, wire knitting
and crochet
8. Other - defined as textiles/fibers, mixed media, resin, non-metal enameling, paper, lapidary, polymer clay, wood or anything not fitting in above categories
9. Youth - Any piece from above classes (youth ages 6-12)
10. Best of Show - judge’s pick for single best entry from all categories
1st Prize Ribbon & $30
2nd Prize Ribbon & $20
3rd Prize Ribbon & $10
Best of Show Rosette & $60
You can submit 1 piece in each category if you like. Don't know what to submit? Take a class at 1 Stop Bead Shop and learn something new!

(Note: If it shows up in Red or a different color from the rest of the script, click on it to be taken to that page.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1 Stop Bead Shop Vision and Mission

As a follow-up to my January 4, 2012 Blog article on Goal Setting, I got some feedback from a couple of you that the ideas I shared had value to you, so it occurred to me that you might enjoy it if I shared occassional insights I have received from working with my business coach - Rick Crossland. Currently we are preparing for a team function and Rick asked me to take a look at my Mission and Vision statements for 1 Stop Bead Shop to see if there was anything I wanted to improve or change. Here is what I learned that you might be able to apply to your own life:

I found 3 different helpful definitions for the difference between a Vision statement and a Mission Statement - all of which have valuable nuances: 1) My Vision is WHO I am. My Mission is WHAT I do. 2) Our Vision is WHY we exist. Our Mission is WHERE we are going. 3) A Mission statement focuses on your present state. A Vision statement focuses on your future.

So, why would you care? When Franklin Covey teaches goal setting, they don't have you START with goals - they have you start with your vision & mission in life - the REASONS why you set the goals in the first place. While the idea of answering the question, "WHO am I, and WHY am I here" sounds duanting at first, Franklin Covey breaks it down into managable steps:
1) Start with your titles - the hats you wear. For instance, I am a mother, a wife, a Christian, a business owner, etc.
2) Define those titles - what do they mean to you? For instance, cooking is not where I find my value as a mother. However, Marie on "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Rays mom) completely defines her value as a mother in how she nutures her flock w/ her wonderful cooking.

Those 2 steps answer the "WHO am I?" question. Finding your Mission can be more challenging, and for those who truly seek to answer it, can become the most worthwhile pursuit of their lives - "WHAT am I here for? WHAT is my purpose? WHAT will be my legacy? WHAT do I wish to leave behind when I am no longer here?"

For some, like my mother, they know the answer early. She knew by the 1st grade that she was going to be a teacher and change the lives of young people. She did it formally in the public school system for over 30 years and has continued to do that in her local church. For others the journey of discovery can take years.

What I discovered in reviewing 1 Stop Bead Shop's Vision & Mission was that they were really rolled up in one. I broke them apart, and added some value words and here's what I came up with:

Our Vision: 1 Stop Bead Shop is the recognized leader in our community as the go-to source for all aspects of jewelry making. We are passionate about creating a rewarding customer experience that stimulates creativity and provides opportunities for growth & community.

Our Mission: At 1 Stop Bead Shop we provide our shoppers with superior customer service, the broadest product selection, and the most innovative classes embracing the beginner to advanced student in an upbeat, friendly community environment that feeds the individual and promotes the art and craft of jewelry making.

At my 1 Stop Bead Shop Blog, I love your feedback, which is why our comments section is open to all. I would sincerely value your feedback on our Vision & Mission statements:
Do we live up to them?
Are there other things you value about 1 Stop Bead Shop that are not encapsulated in our vision or mission?

I would also love to hear from any of you who take my challenge to create your personal Vision & Mission statement - What is your personal Vision & Mission statement? And, what did you discover while working on it?

Here's to sharing our lives & growing together.
(Click on picture to enlarge.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

1 Stop Club Bead Members Give Back

Our 1 Stop Bead Shop Club Bead Members have been busy over the past several months, giving up some of their own beading time, to make bracelets for the Beading to Beat Autism cause. Michala started this movement at age 10 to help her little brother Evan who has Autism. Her story is an inspiration to all people who have a dream. You can read more about it here.

The effort was spearheaded by Jen Mackan, 1 Stop Bead Shop customer and Club Bead Member, who worked with Beading to Beat Autism organization to obtain the beads and supplies.
Each Club Bead Friday night for several months, nearly a dozen different individuals have contributed their time to string and tie these simple little stetchy seed bead bracelets in a host of color ways.

The bracelets make great gifts for friends & family, and are a simple reminder of life's blessings and challenges. The bracelets are now "on sale" at 1 Stop Bead Shop for a suggested donation of $3. Their goal is to raise $300,000,000! All of our efforts working together can help make this happen. Won't you help this great cause and pick up a few the next time you're in?!

Collect them all, and start a trend!

Friday, January 27, 2012

1 Stop Bead Shop Receives Community Award Reconition

For Immediate Release
January 25, 2012

“Living the Irish Attitude Award” Winners Announced
Dublin CVB honors three local businesses

DUBLIN, OHIO – The Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau announced today its 2011 “Living the Irish Attitude” award winners, recognizing those local businesses that are embracing Dublin’s destination brand and slogan: “Dublin, Ohio -- Irish is an Attitude.”

The following were selected as recipients of the 2011 “Living the Irish Attitude Award:”

• Sunny Street Café (Hospital Drive location)– For creating customizable Irish themed dinner menus and events to appeal to the group tour and meetings markets
1 Stop Bead Shop – For creating Irish jewelry making classes for groups and a special section in the store dedicated to Irish-themed beads

• The Emerald City Half & Quarter Marathon – For creating an Irish themed event in Dublin that draws visitors, participants, media attention and benefits local charities

Businesses were selected for the awards based on the following criteria: Business/organization must be located in Dublin, Ohio; business/organization must endeavor to attract and welcome visitors; business/organization must promote the Dublin destination brand to its customers; business/organization must integrate the brand into its daily operations.

The Bureau launched Dublin’s new destination brand in January, 2007 in an effort to raise awareness with the traveling public by positioning the city as a unique and desirable destination for leisure, business, athletic and group travel. The DCVB logo and positioning line, Irish is an Attitude, makes use of the “Irish” equity that exists in the Dublin name and promotes the idea that you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy Irish fun.

“Dublin’s Destination Brand is not simply a campaign theme or positioning line,” said Scott Dring, executive director at the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau. “It is an expression of a compelling, unique experience that Dublin offers potential visitors and will help set a roadmap of success for the Bureau for years to come.”

Award winners will be highlighted in the Dublin Visitors Center and materials promoting Dublin’s destination brand. The Bureau honors a few select local businesses annually with the “Living the Irish Attitude” award. For more information or to nominate a business for an award, call the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau at (614) 792-7666.
Contact: Scott Dring, Executive Director
(614) 792-7666

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kidnapped by Aliens at 1 Stop Bead Shop

At least that's what you can tell your husband.

"Honey, I was drawn by the freakishly bright sparkle beyond the portal with the sign that said BEADS, and I couldn't help myself. Once inside, thousands of beams of sparkly lights blinded me and made me act out of complete instinct. Little voices in my head kept saying, 'Take me home,' and I felt insanely compelled to bring those tiny sparkling objects home with me.

There were aliens
mascarading as nice humans who kept showing me one exciting project after another and in order to go back home they told me I had to sign a contract to agree to come back and learn more about their alien culture. They made me repeat after them - '1 Stop Bead Shop teaches classes.' It all seemed so natural."

"No honey, those beads are NOT things I haven't finished - those are UFOs! (UnFinished Objects)
They even have a club for others like me that have been aboard their spaceship where we can get together and talk about our experiences and work on our UFOs. They call it Club Bead.

The aliens told me that I won't die until all my UFOs are finished. So, if I just keep going back to their alien spaceship, it doesn't matter how many UFOs I encounter, only beading heaven awaits me. And it's a real place! They showed me pictures."

"That's my story, and I'm sticking with it!"

You might as well tell him that. It will make just as much sense to him as the truth!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Challenge for my Friends

A few of you have commented before on how I set my goals. I thought I would not only share w/ you what Don & I did today to start the new year, but also challenge you, my 1 Stop Bead Shop friends, to do something similar for yourselves.

According to Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as the people who don't, and yet 80% of Americans say they don't have goals. 16% have goals, but don't write them down. Less than 4% write down their goals, and fewer than 1% actually review them on an ongoing basis. Guess which 1%?

Even if your goal or mission in life isn't to be among the top earners, earning doesn't have to mean $. I find it interesting that in the NRV version of the Bible Jesus's parable of the 3 Servants from Matthew is known as the parable of the Talents - talents of course being a unit of money. But, I find it striking that it translates in English as talents or gifts. He gave each servant an amount and was happy with the 2 who used their talents and grew them, and was very unhappy with the lazy, wicked servant who just sat on his and gave it back. Whether it's actual financial goals or spiritual, life, family, charitable goals, etc. the same success principles apply - if we're serious about achieving them we stand the highest chance when we write them down and review them.

So here's what Don & I did today - we wrote down our individual goals and then came together and decided on family goals for 2012 in these areas:
1. Spiritual

2. Family
3. Career
4. Health
5. Financial
6. Education
7. Recreation
8. Adventure
9. Travel
10. Romance
11. Relationships
We found we didn't have a family goal in all those areas, but it was still good to talk to each other about where we were personally. The process took about 3 hours (not much time in light of an entire year) and we now have a guide for being on the same page as a team, for measuring our progress, and for encouraging each other.

My challenge to you is to do the same thing THIS week! Don't let the week get away, or the next thing you know we will be ringing in 2013. Why would I challenge you to do this? Because I care about you. Rather than just pray you have a successful and prosperous year, I thought I might encourage you to take a proactive step that will go a long way to ensure you a happy & focused 2012.

I'll be excited to hear what you do with my challenge.

Happy New Year from 1 Stop Bead Shop!