Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Can I teach my friends the class I took at 1 Stop?

Copyright Laws & You

You’re new to beading, and so excited about what you just learned at the local bead store. You want to teach your friends. Is it okay to do that?

The simplest answer - no.

Most stores/instructors won’t have a problem if you share your newfound knowledge with your best friend, mom, or daughter. But recently I had one of my students tell me that she
was going to teach one of my classes to her entire staff at work as part of a staff bonding/morale thing. It was then that I realized that with so many new beaders taking classes at 1 Stop,
some of them may be breaking copy- right law without realizing it. So, here’s the basic skinny to help guide your decisions.

1.A stitch or wire bend/coil is NOT copyright protected - they are in the public domain and have been used for centuries.

2.ALL written directions ARE copyright protected. It is NEVER okay to copy (by hand or on a machine) or teach from someone else’s directions unless you have their permission.

3.How the stitch/wire/etc. is put to-gether is a DESIGN and designs ARE copyright protected. It is not okay to teach someone’s design without their permission.

4.Classes taken at the local bead store support the salaries of the staff and the instructor. When you teach classes that you learned at the local bead store, you are taking money out of someone’s pocket that earns their living this way. Bottom line, when in doubt, ask the store or instructor. They will appreciate your concern for their welfare.

Congratulations Tracy Van Niel!

Congratulations Tracy Van Niel!

1 Stop Bead Shop is graced with many talented instructors. Tracy Van Niel, a talented artist who
teaches our beaded cabochon classes, recently was a finalist in the Bead Dreams competition at
the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee.

Of the hundreds of pieces submitted, only a few in each category become finalists and go on display at the Bead & Button show!

Tracy’s beautiful bead embroidered collar will be on display in July at 1 Stop Bead Shop and will beshown in the Bead Dreams Issue of the Bead& Button Magazine.
Congratulations Tracy!

Look for Tracy’s next bead embroidered cabochon class in fall class schedule release.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Treasures of TOHO - An Emerging Artist Bead Competition

1.This is a competition for emerging artist – no previous winners may submit their work.

2. All entries must use 80%TOHO beads in any sizes available.

3.You must register with your local store to participate. Materials must be purchased from the store in which you register.

4. All work entered must be original. Please do not submit items that you have learned in classes, from kits or any other sources. Techniques and stitches learned from any of these sources may be used but the finished piece must be of your original design.

5.Your entries must be submitted to your local store.Your local store will choose the winning piece.

6.The winning piece from each store will be submitted to your stores TOHO vendor.

7. A completed entry form must accompany each entry.

8. Collaborative work will not be accepted

9. Entries may not be submitted if they have been entered in any previous shows, contests or articles.

10. TOHO Beads retains the right to use the work of prize winners in a promotional way including book publications, publicity or photographs with credit to the contributing artist. Directions to be provided by artist if required.

Entries will be judged on originality, use of colors, beads and workmanship.

The designer of the prize winning entry, the store owner and 1 companion of each will receive roundtrip airline tickets, train tickets, 4 n i g h t ’ s h o t e l accommodations and 2 meals a day for a 3 days visit in Hiroshima, Japan.

Bead Trip Around the World Party

1 Stop helps beat the gas crunch!

Ouch! We know the gas prices are biting everyone. But 1 Stop has a solution for
your gas woes: Stay home and bead. Never before have those beads seemed like
such a good deal - it’s cheaper to bead than drive! And, if the gas prices are causing you to re-think your vacation plans, we even have a plan to help you take a trip around the world without the gas cost.

Please mark your calendars and join us for a Bead Trip Around the World.

When: Thurs, July 17

Time: 6:00-9:00 pm

What: An evening of fun and festivities. We will take you to a dozen countries including
China, Austria, The Czech Republic, Japan, Italy,Africa and more. Learn thehistory of the beads and culturesand sample foods/drinks from their countries.We promise you easy transport with no delays, no layovers and no jet lag! Just pick up your passport at the door.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Classes - July 1-5

Here are the classes for the upcoming week. Give us a call at the store to make certain that there is still room! 614-573-6452

6:30 Fireworks Necklace
6:30 Begin Ceramic Beads & Pendants - Pt 1 (warehouse)

6:30 Peyote Bugle Bracelet
6:30 Y-drop Pendant Necklace

6:00 Wavy Flag Bracelet
6:00 Figure 8 Chain (warehouse)


10:00 Intro to Wire Components