Friday, July 31, 2009

SPECIAL SALE at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Do you like a treasure hunt? Do you like a good deal? (DUH, who doesn't!) We've got both for you.

July 31

More Bang for your BUCK Friday!
Everything - yes everything - that is normally priced $1.25 - $2.00 is
So what can you get for a BUCK?

Try these on for starters:

Seed Beads
Loose Tierra Cast
Ball & Socket Clasps
6mm Swarovski Cubes & Olives!
Swarovski Rondells & Squaredells
Ceramic animals & sports balls
Crystal & Vintage Buttons (in front window)
Loose silver findings & beads
Bags of premium plated metal findings & headpins
C-lon, Silimide & Pearl knotting cord
3 & 4mm Firepolish
Loose Chinese Lampwork
Loose Semi-Precious
Lampwork Cane
Buckeye & football beads!
The list could go on and on.

Come scour the store and see what other goodies you can find. If it's over $1.00 and under $2.01 then it's


Classes with openings for this week (Aug 3)

Classes still available next week at 1 Stop Bead Shop:

Buckeye Wire Wrap
Mon, Aug 3
Learn to wire wrap and show your Buckeye spirit at the same time. Not a fan? Do it in whatever color you like - the technique you learn in elemental in quality jewelry.

Spiny Pearl Necklace
Mon, Aug 3
Learn how to wrap dozens of beads and "bunch" them.

Metal Cabochon Pendant
Tue, Aug 4
This pendant is a piece of wearable art. Each creation will be completely unique while you learn to work with pre-fab metal blanks, soldering, wire & embellishments. Great beginning level metals class!

Right Angle Weave Tennis Bracelet
Wed, Aug 5
Our ever popular tennis bracelet. Besides learning RAW, you will also learn about several variations.

Cagey Herringbone Bracelet
Thu, Aug 6
Learn the cage wrap and the striking herringbone wrap - 2 classic bead wrapping and linking techniques - great way to spruce up a plain bead!

To sign up for classes, go to our website

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bead of the Month Club at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Do you want to get beads at discounted prices sent to your home?

Of course you do!

Then join our Bead of the Month Club options!

  • Here's how it works:

    Choose your club(s).
    Go to the Bead-of-the-Month Club link on our website to sign up!
  • We will follow up with you to obtain your credit card number, expiration date and billing zip code to keep on secure file.
  • We will bill you and ship your beads (FREE SHIPPING) to you no later than the 7th of each month.

Sit back and wait for your beads to enjoy!
Frequently Asked Questions:

What clubs are there to choose from?
Swarovski $25+tax Semi-Precious $30+tax Seed Beads $20+tax Findings $40+tax (NOTE: THIS ONE IS BI-MONTHLY)
What is the advantage to joining a club?
You will be able to get more beads for your money. For example, the February Swarovski of the Month Club is $25+tax. If you were to pay retail for those same beads, it would cost $31.25+tax. This does vary each month but will ALWAYS be greater than the monthly fee for your club!
Can I join more than one club?
Yes! You may join one, two, three or all four clubs in any combination, including joining one club for multiple selections. For example, if you want to build up your seed bead stash you could join the seed bead club for 2 selections and you would receive double each month!
What if I want to change clubs or cancel membership?
Just call us before the 1st of the month and we can accomodate any changes.
Can I buy a membership as a gift?
Yes! You can sign up a friend or family member for 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 1 year memberships. GIFT MEMBERSHIPS WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL AT TIME OF REGISTRATION.
How do I sign up?
Call us at 1-614-573-6452 or email us at with the following information:
What club(s) you want to join.
Your credit card number, expiration date and billing zip code.
Your shipping address.
How do I pay for each month?
We will automatically charge your account that we have on file at the time of shipment. This is usually the first business day of the month but no later than the 7th of each month. GIFT MEMBERSHIPS WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL AT TIME OF REGISTRATION.
Disclaimers and Additional Information:

Some clubs may follow a holiday, seasonal or birthstone related theme, but we reserve the right to choose the theme each month. Frequently, we will include exclusive beads that will not be offered for retail sale to the public. They may only be available to members of that club. Or, if we choose to then offer it for retail sale, it will go public only after all club members have received their selections. Once billed, all sales are final. All sales for the current month end on the 15th. If you sign up for a club after the 15th you will begin receiving your selection beginning with the next month. We reserve the right to substitute items other than shown on our sample board.

Have you seen our new bling?

Inspired by the beautiful Czech cut crystal chandeliers Lisa saw while she was in Prague, she had a brand new bit of bling installed in the 1 Stop Bead Shop store. Come on in and see our new chandelier, hung, appropriately in front of our Czech glass Preciousa crystals.

Photos by Bonnie Elliott.

Classes with openings for this week (July 28)

We still have openings in some of our classes this week!

July 30th - 6pm
Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet
Wire wrap a stone in a bracelet instead of a pendant.
Level - 4
Length - 3 hours
Kit - Kit purchase required. Our kits are always discounted off of full retail.

Saturday, August 1 - 10am
NEW PMC® Filigree Pendant & Earrings Using PMC Syringe, create a free-form, lacy filigree pendant or earrings.
Level - 1
Length - 3 hours
Kit - Kit purchase required. Our kits are always discounted off of full retail.

To register or for more information visit our website at or call teh store at 614-573-6452.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Classes with openings for this week (July 20)

Classes still available this week at 1 Stop Bead Shop:

Beginning Bead Stringing
Mon, Jul 20
The place to begin if you've never made jewelry before. Your first piece will have all the finishing touches of the experienced beader. Bead with confidence!

Do It Yourself (DIY) - Bead Caps
Tue, Jul 21
Go pound metal! Learn to dap (shape), texturize and add finishes to metals in order to turn any sheet metal into just the right sized bead cap. Also great for earrings!

Caterpillar Bracelet w/ Lampwork Focal
Wed, Jul 22
(Note - different date from the ORIGINAL schedule). Choose a handmade lampwork focal bead that makes your heart go pitty-pat, and then make a fringe bracelet to highlight it.

Beaded Vine Sq. Wire Bracelet
Sat, Jul 25
OMGoodness! Have you seen the amazing wire work that Ron is doing? Every time I see him, he's got several WONDERFUL new wire bracelets and rings. If you haven't take a class with Ron, you've got to come see what you've been missing. Since he comes to it as a craftsman rather than someone who started out making jewelry for himself, he has an entirely different take on wire working. This bracelet was the top pick of the people who took his last class.

For pictures, or to sign up, visit the July calendars on our website

CHINESE CRYSTAL Bicones & Rondells at 1 Stop Bead Shop


CHINESE CRYSTAL Bicones & Rondells
So much bling!
And the price is irresistable!

1 gross (144) 4mm Bicones - 62 colors in regular & AB for just (wait for it) - $7.95 per GROSS! (Yes, you did read that right!)

8" strands of 6x4, 10x8 & 12x9 rondells from $6.75 - $8.50!

In case you're thinking they can't be that great at that price, you will be as blown away as we were. They are leaded crystal, with all the bling you expect from crystal. The bicones are not as regular as Swarovski & Preciosa, but they'll work great in anything where bling is required, but a lower price is desired.

Designers - now you can sell your crystal jewelry at a price people are willing to pay!

Best of All - The 4mm bicones come in these tiny little bottles w/ a stopper in the top and a ribbon tied on.

For our first shipment we only bought 5 of each color, so get here early for the entire selection!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 Stop is changing seed bead tubes

1 Stop Bead Shop is changing seed bead tubes

If you have been thinking about bringing in your old tubes for recycling, now is the time. In 2 weeks when the new tubes come in, we will no longer be recycling the old size.

Garage Sale at 1 Stop Bead Shop

1 Stop Bead Shop's
August 2009
Garage Sale

Do you have beads you don’t want anymore?
...Old books, findings or other supplies?
Do you want to get rid of them and get NEW beads?
If you answered “YES” then sign up to be a part of our Bead Garage Sale!

Saturday August 29 6:30 p.m.

Here at
1 Stop Bead Shop. Columbus Ohio

Here’s how it works...

1. Register for your table space. $5 non-refundable fee.
2. Bag & Label your items with your name and price.
3. SELL!
4. 1 Stop will collect all sales and give you a certificate for store credit* to use on NEW beads in the amount that you sold!
*Certificate is valid on all regularly priced merchandise. No discounts or coupons may be combined.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Retail Stores versus Cut-Rate Internet Sites - What sets 1 Stop Bead Shop apart?

A note from our owner, Lisa Busch:

Retail stores are not here to and cannot compete with cut-rate internet sites. We offer a much higher value in being able to see and feel the quality, get qualified help and answers to your questions from friendly people you can trust and take classes - which is something you can't do from an anonymous website.

I have learned in this business that not all beads/findings are made alike, nor are all companies ones that I will do business with. For example, I found out that 1 silver supplier out of Afganistan is under investigation. I found that a little scary - wonder where that money is going...? I know that there are knock offs of Swarovski crystals out there, so it is important to know the source you are buying from. Silver and gold are particularly important to know your source. Early on, we bought from a "reputable" well-known company that we saw at all the shows. When the beads tarnished and wouldn't polish up, we discovered that what we had been sold was "tin" silver (less than .925). They sold it as sterling. We ate the loss on that and learned a valuable lesson. We ONLY buy our silver from reputable US companies that stand behind their product. I once called our primary supplier about a Bali silver bead that I was questioning, and he immediately sent it for testing. It came back .921 or something like that (close but not quite .925). He took them back and dealt w/ his Bali supplier (real Bali ONLY comes from Indonesia) about the consistency.

That's the kind of integrity that I feel my customers deserve and want - they know they can trust that what I sell them is what it says it is, to the best of my knowledge.

Friday, July 17, 2009

at 1 Stop Bead Shop
This Friday (TODAY) & Saturday Only!
July 17 & 18
10:00 - 6:00

Sawmill & 161
Next to Traders Joes
6347 Sawmill
Columbus, Ohio 43017

Murano Style Glass - $4
8" Semi-Precious - $4
8" Faceted Semi-Precious - $8
16" Semi-Precious - $10-32
Cloisonne - $6
SMP Pendants - $6-8
8" Metal Strands - $4
Chinese Crystal - $4
16" Pearls - $8-20
NEW Textile Beads - $4
NEW Resin Beads - $4
NEW Coco Beads - $4
SMP Cabochons - $7
Don't miss this opportunity to shop from thousands of $$ of merchandise not normally available in the store! It all goes back next week.
**Discount information: 1 Stop Bead Shop does not own the merchandise offered in trunk shows. No further discounts apply.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PerlAmore at 1 Stop Bead Shop

This Week's Featured Product from 1 Stop Bead Shop - PerlAmore

PerlAmore is the newest line of large hole core bracelet beads to hit the market. Designed by the same company from which we have been purchasing Venetian glass since we opened, PerlAmore was created to bring you the best quality beads for a competitive price. Each bead will fit your Pandora, Troll or Chamilia bracelets or necklaces, and you're going to be amazed by the price and quality.

We just refilled the entire line and have at least 20 new styles and colors of Murano glass beads - including some good Buckeye colors!

What's more, PerlAmore is based right here in Columbus, so when you buy PerlAmore from 1 Stop you are buying from a hometown store, who bought from a hometown vendor - all that tax revenue stays right here in Columbus to help keep our town as strong and vibrant as your bracelet!

Stop in today and try one on!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Classes with openings for this week (July 13)

The following classes have openings THIS WEEK at 1 Stop Bead Shop!

Pearl Spiral Necklace
Mon, July 13 Learn the tricks to make irregular freshwater pearls spiral - very elegant!

Soldering Silver Filigree Pendant
Tue, July 14
Pre-req - Intro to Wire or wire experience.
Learn beginning level soldering with this pretty pendant.

OSU Jumble Bracelet
Wed, July 15
It's that time again! Gear up for OSU football season with our most popular Buckeye bracelet. (Other colorways available too.)

Back to Basics - Earrings 101
Sat, July 18
Walk away with a dozen different designs for earrings!
Mixed Metals & Cold Connections Sat, July 18 Pre-req - Intro to Wire or wire experience. Learn stamping, wire & tube riveting, staples & corregations. Lots of bang for your buck!

Bulk Buying from 1 Stop Bead Shop

Are you doing craft shows or office shows this fall?

If so, 1 Stop is here to help. Ask Lisa or Robin to get you bulk pricing. At 1 Stop we do all our bulk pricing on a case-by-case basis. We define bulk as very large quantities of 1 bead/finding (often in the minimums we have to buy them in), and always special ordered (not from our current inventory).

Don't need to buy in bulk, but want a way to earn a discount? Bring us a copy of your paid registration for any craft show or other event at which you will be selling, and take a box of our business cards. We will give you 10% off your next 3 purchases so that you can buy more to replace everything you sell.

Doing more than 1 show? Great! You can get as many 3x10% coupons as you show us proof of registration and take our cards. Your advertising is the best word of mouth we can get.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A funny note from one of the 1 Stop Bead Shop Customers

We recieved this note from one of our customers when we released our summer class catalog and wanted to share it with you.

We hope you get a chuckle from it too!

I just got back in town from NY and checked out your e-mail. Then I sat down to recover. On the bad side, I will have to have my evening calls forwarded to the shop; and you thought I already lived at One Stop. On the good side if I sign up for half the classes I am interested in I will lose weight; I won't be able to afford to eat. Thanks for the additional wire & metal classes. I hope to be in with armed guards and a Brinks delivery to sign up for classes this week.

To see our current class listings, check out our website

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photos of Trip to the Czech Republic

I'm remiss in posting the link to these photos!

Lisa Busch, owner of 1 Stop Bead Shop, took a trip to the Czech Republic in May. We are expecting the new beads she bought there any day now at the store.

Meanwhile, though, you can look at the photos of her trip here

Classes with openings for this week (July 8)

Classes openings are still available for this week at 1 Stop Bead Shop:

Spiral Rope Bracelet
Thu, July 9
This is the most basic spiral rope, but you learn how to change the bead sizes and vary the colors for texture and design.

Intro to Bronz Clay - Link Bracelet or Necklace
Sat, July 11 - Pre-req - PMC experience.
Learn the differences between PMC and Bronz clay while you make a bracelet or necklace in this fantastic new medium.

Interested in these classes? Just stop by out website

Changing Seed Bead Tubes

1 Stop Bead Shop is changing seed bead tubes

If you have been thinking about bringing in your old tubes for recycling, now is the time. In 2 weeks when the new tubes come in, we will no longer be recycling the old size.

Congratulations to Amelia Yaussy from 1 Stop Bead Shop.

Congratulations are in order!
1 Stop Bead Shop is excited to congratulate our very own Amelia Yaussy on her first published design on page 84 of the July 2009 Bead Trends magazine. Way to go Amelia!

We should have this issue in stock at 1 Stop Bead Shop. Stop on in for your own copy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

RED, WHITE, BLUE & Fireworks Sale at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Didn't we just have a sale? Yeppers - but that was to clear space. This one is just a special treat for you to celebrate the 4th of July!

1 Day ONLY

FRIDAY, July 3rd

10:00 - 6:00

RED, WHITE, BLUE & Fireworks Sale

Take 50% off:

All Red, White & Blue Seed Beads & Czech Glass Strands
All star shapes beads
Take 30% off:
All Swarovski crystal strands, bags & tubes
All Preciosa crystal strands & bags

Announcements for 1 Stop Bead Shop for the Week of July 1st

Butterfly Lace Class TONIGHT still has a few openings!
Thu, Jul 2
Delicate pattern that looks like Swarovski butterflies around your wrist. Only 2 spaces left!

1 Stop Bead Shop will be
CLOSED July 4, 2009
in observance of Independance Day!
Have a happy and safe 4th of July!