Monday, July 20, 2009

Classes with openings for this week (July 20)

Classes still available this week at 1 Stop Bead Shop:

Beginning Bead Stringing
Mon, Jul 20
The place to begin if you've never made jewelry before. Your first piece will have all the finishing touches of the experienced beader. Bead with confidence!

Do It Yourself (DIY) - Bead Caps
Tue, Jul 21
Go pound metal! Learn to dap (shape), texturize and add finishes to metals in order to turn any sheet metal into just the right sized bead cap. Also great for earrings!

Caterpillar Bracelet w/ Lampwork Focal
Wed, Jul 22
(Note - different date from the ORIGINAL schedule). Choose a handmade lampwork focal bead that makes your heart go pitty-pat, and then make a fringe bracelet to highlight it.

Beaded Vine Sq. Wire Bracelet
Sat, Jul 25
OMGoodness! Have you seen the amazing wire work that Ron is doing? Every time I see him, he's got several WONDERFUL new wire bracelets and rings. If you haven't take a class with Ron, you've got to come see what you've been missing. Since he comes to it as a craftsman rather than someone who started out making jewelry for himself, he has an entirely different take on wire working. This bracelet was the top pick of the people who took his last class.

For pictures, or to sign up, visit the July calendars on our website

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