Saturday, August 28, 2010

1 Stop Bead Shop Welcomes Back Dallas Lovett

Welcome back Dallas Lovett

One of America's formost wire & beaded coiling artists

November 19 & 20, 2010

Classes on Sale NOW!

All waiting list requests have been called and classes are now available for sale to EVERYONE!
Click here to register for your favorites!
Some classes appropriate for Beginner to Advanced.

Beadstreet USA in Columbus

6 classes remaining in Columbus!
Saturday Classes
Just click the pic to be taken to the link to register

Sunday Classes

Just click the pic to be taken to the link to register
THIS WEEKEND at Vet's Memorial - Sat & Sun, Aug 28 & 29, 2010.
Click here to register.
Class sizes are limited - several are nearly full!
On-line registration ends Fri, Aug 27 at 6:00
After 6:00 Friday, you can register on-site at Vet's Memorial up to class start time as long a space permits.

Only A Few Classes Still Available Next Week At 1 Stop Bead Shop

Only a few classes still available next week
All next week's classes eligible for an extra $15 off a pair of classes.
Beginning Lampwork Bead Making - Sat, Aug 28 - Learn to make beautiful glass beads in this full day workshop. We'll cover safety, glass chemistry, and tools. Then a hands-on time at the torch to learn to make simple round beads, stringers and simple surface decorations like dots, and raking. ** Bonus discount - sign up for this class and a wire wrap class and get $20 off the pair! There is a fire liability waiver to sign for this class. Only 1 space left! Next offering not until Oct.

Flower & Leaf Polymer Clay Caning - Donna Kato Style - Wed, Sep 1 -Explore basics of shaded flower and leaf cane construction. Learn Donna Kato's method of making a flower design without making a full cane, and cover how to make a leaf cane.

Silky Right Angle Weave Bracelet - Wed, Sep 1 - Right Angle Weave circles of 8 beads. Silky/shiny with matte AB 8's and shiny Delicas. Feels really nice!

Embellished Sanibel Shell Pendant - Thu, Sep 2 - By popular request - You will end up with your own one of a kind seed bead embellished shell pendant. Learn how to capture a shell with seed beads and enhance with freeform designs. Can be with or without fringe. Shells provided. Last offering until next summer. Only 1 space left!

DIY (Do it Yourself) Jewelry Jumpstart - Fri, Sep 3 - Make a one pair of wire wrapped earrings, one wire linked bracelet and one single strand bead strung necklace, all in the space of one class! You'll learn professional wireworking techniques, crimping and finishing - everything you need to ma ke professional looking jewelry right from the jumpstart.

Block O PMC Charm - Sat, Sep 4 - Back by popular demand and just in time for Buckeye Season! The best d---- PMC project in the land. With only 16 gr of PMC, make a double-decker Block O for a 3-D effect. Then add a small buckeye/leaf. PMC experience is preferred but not required. Last offering this season.

Grace Lampwork BeadTrunk Show At 1 Stop Bead Shop

This Friday & Saturday ONLY!

August 27 & 28, 2010

What is a trunk show?

One of our vendors sends us a much larger quantity of their product than we can normally carry in stock, so you have a greater selection fresh from the vendor.

Who is Grace Lampwork?

We like Grace lampwork beads because:
We can consistently get duplicate styles and colorways - great for the designer who is selling his/her jewelry to be able to duplicate something for a customer who wants it "exactly like that one!"

Beads are hand-made in the US - Here is an excerpt from an interview with Grace:
All handmade lampwork glass beads are designed by Grace Ma, who is a self-taught lampworker. Grace started to make beads in Oct 2002. Three months later, she sold her beads on eBay. In July of 2004, Grace did her first bead show - The Whole Bead Show in San Francisco. This show opened the door of a new world. She started to train her own employees to make the beads.

Grace Lampwork Beads has a strict quality control process to make each bead. All of the beads are annealed overnight for better strength. Each small bead takes 5-10 minutes to make. Some people try to make beads faster, but they loose the quality and detail of the design. There is a balance between the speed and quality. Grace Lampwork Beads always have consistently high quality. That's our committment.

Compared with tons of inexpensive low quality imported beads and very expensive fine artisan beads in the market; Grace Lampwork Beads strikes a balance, providing you with the same quality and design as other artisan beads, with affordable price and all made exclusively in the USA.

New Fall Class Line-up At 1 Stop Bead Shop

New Fall Class line-up is finally here!

Over 100 Classes in 3 1/2 months!
Almost 1/2 of them Brand New!
Look for the following Special Classes :
Micro Macrame Treasure Bracelet - 1st macrame class since before we moved!
Peyote Bezel-set Awareness Coin - Store portion will be donated to Susan G Kohmen Foundation.
Glitzy Chevron Bracelet - Please welcome new instructor - Cindy Salisbury
2 new Thing-a-ma-jig classes.
Solving the PMC Puzzle - Puzzle pieces are fun for everyone, but the symbol for Autism awareness.
OSU Themed Classes!
(These come up early on the schedule, so sign up quick!)
Buck-I-Ote - Beadweaving - Sep 6
OSU or Holiday Jumble - Bead weaving & stringing - Oct 6
Fireworks - OSU Style - Bead Stringing w/ a flair - Sep 9
Block O PMC Charm - PMC - Sep 4
Buckeye Bling PMC Bracelet - PMC - Sep 23
Special Deals!
All 1 Stop classes starting this Saturday - Aug 21 through Sep 9 - When you sign up for a pair of classes, if 1 of them is in that date range - Take $15 off the pair. (Note: this does not include Bead Street USA Classes)
Polymer Clay Flower & Leaf Caning I & II - Sign up for both classes and get $15 off the pair
Beginning Lampwork & a Wire Wrap Class - Take $20 off the pair
Also, Welcome Back Hannah Rosner who has returned to Ohio to live and is teaching 11 classes this quarter!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

1 Stop Bead Shop Wants To Know What You Think

Your Feedback is Vital to our Growth!

Some of our best new products or policies have come from your suggestions.
For that reason, we have installed a suggestion box on the front wall.
We look forward to all the great ideas you have burning for us!

Daily Deals Month At 1 Stop Bead Shop

August is Daily Deals Month
Did you know that every day of every month has a Special Interest Celebration?
For instance, Aug 16th is Tell a Joke Day - have one ready for your friends!

SHOP Each Day for a DIFFERENT Sale Special
This weeks themes are:
Monday Aug. 16 - Tell a Joke Day
Tuesday Aug. 17 - Sandcastle Day
Wednesday Aug. 18 - Bad Poetry Day
Thursday Aug. 19 - Rootbeer Float Day - free Rootbeer Floats Noon - 2:00 while supply lasts
Friday Aug. 20 - Bamboo Day
Saturday Aug. 21 - Senior Citizens Day
Stop by the store, check the website, or call THE DAY OF and find out what the special is that day! Specials will not be announced until the day of.
Check the newsletter each week to see that week's line-up of specials.

Classes Still Available Next Week At 1 Stop Bead Shop

Classes still available next week
Techniques Night - Mon, Aug 16- Learn up to 4 Techniques in 1 night. See article above.

Leaf Embedded Metal Focal - Tue, Aug 17 - Use a rolling mill to imprint sterling sheet to create a beautiful custom focal piece. Learn several metal and antiquing techniques.

Beginning Bead Weaving - Wed, Aug 18 - 1 Stop Bead Shop’s Signature Class! The best place to start if you’ve never done any Bead Weaving. Learn to use a needle and thread to "sew" beads. Easier than it looks - hundreds of people have learned and you can too!

Beginning Bead Stringing - Thu, Aug 19 - Learn essential beginning beading techniques including tools, how to use them, proper crimping and finishing, and how to choose quality components.

Buckeye Peyote Beaded Bead Necklace - Sat, Aug 21 - Round beaded bead with Buckeye leaves. There are two possible ways to finish this necklace.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Classes Still Available at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Classes still available next week
Beginning Peyote Cuff - Sat, Aug 7 - Simple zig-zag pattern teaches simple graph reading and the stitch. This is a foundational stitch class. Peyote is pre-req. for many beadweaving patterns and combo techniques.

Special Occasion Collar - Mon, Aug 9 - Using cubes, seed beads, crystals and pearls, create the perfect collar for your special occasions.

Right Angle Weave Tennis Bracelet - Mon, Aug 9- A 1 Stop Customer Favorite! You won't believe how much the Tierra Cast base and Swarovski crystals look like a diamond or gemstone tennis bracelet! Will not be offered again until October. Great for gifts! Get started early!

Mixed Metals & Cold Connections - Vintage Links - Tue, Aug 10 - Use mini-cold connections to add Vintaj filigree decorations to sterling links, and join with tube rivets. Add charms and crystals to make it uniquely yours. Metals experience preferred but not required.

Half Persian Chain Maille Bracelet - Wed, Aug 11- The easy way! Quickly master this tricky, unisex weave.

Beaded Caterpillar on Shiny Copper Leaf - Thu, Aug 12 - Another no torch needed metal project. Cut a copper leaf, file, texture, fold, open, punch holes using various tools. Then create a caterpillar by attaching Fireline through the holes to make beading fringe.

Soldering - Bezel Set Rectangle Ring - Sat, Aug 14- Learn the tricks to bezel-set a rectangular stone with corners. Never taught at 1 Stop before!

Daily Deals Month at 1 Stop Bead Shop

August is Daily Deals Month
Did you know that every day of every month has a Special Interest Celebration?
For instance, August 25th is Kiss & Make up Day.

Anybody you've been really wanting to kiss?
SHOP Each Day for a DIFFERENT Sale Special
This weeks themes are:
Monday Aug. 9 - Book Lovers Day
Tuesday Aug. 10 - National Smores Day
Wednesday Aug. 11 - Son & Daugther Day
Thursday Aug. 12 - Middle Child Day
Friday Aug. 13 - Left Handers Day
Saturday Aug. 14 - Creamsicle Day

Stop by the store or call THE DAY OF and find out what the special is that day! Specials will not be announced until the day of.
Check the newsletter each week to see that week's line-up of specials.

Techniques Night At 1 Stop Bead Shop

Have you always wondered if you'd like to play with fire?
Would you like to save money on head pins?
Did you like to play with Playdough as a kid?

Then Techniques night is for you!

Learn up to 5 NEW Jewelry Techniques in 1 Night!
Monday August 16, 6-9
Register for your spot today!
$25 will reserve your spot for up to 4-5 different classes!

Choose from:
PMC Thumbprint charms (40 Minute Session)
Lampwork Bead Making - 1 bead (15 Minute Session) - Only 2 spots remaining!
Resin Charms (40 Minute Session)
Fused Headpins (15 Minute Session)
Dangly Chain Maille Earrings (40 Minute Session)
Polymer Clay Swirly Lentils (40 Minute Session)

How it works:
Register for Techniques Night (Seating is limited.)
Choose your classes. (Not to exceed 3 hours. Allow for 5 minutes between sessions.)
We will assign you a schedule.
Pay for the kits of classes you chose on that night! (Kits are only $10-$20!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seed Bead Survey Results

Which size and type seed beads do you use the most?

Japanese Seed Beads 4 (66%)

Czech Seed Beads 2 (33%)

Rounds: Size 11 5 (83%)

Rounds: Size 8 2 (33%)

Rounds: Size 15 3 (50%)

Delicas: Size 11 4 (66%)

Delicas: Size 15 2 (33%)

Delicas: Size 8 1 (16%)

Other shapes including bugles, cubes, hexes 3 (50%)