Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daily Deals Month At 1 Stop Bead Shop

August is Daily Deals Month
Did you know that every day of every month has a Special Interest Celebration?
For instance, Aug 16th is Tell a Joke Day - have one ready for your friends!

SHOP Each Day for a DIFFERENT Sale Special
This weeks themes are:
Monday Aug. 16 - Tell a Joke Day
Tuesday Aug. 17 - Sandcastle Day
Wednesday Aug. 18 - Bad Poetry Day
Thursday Aug. 19 - Rootbeer Float Day - free Rootbeer Floats Noon - 2:00 while supply lasts
Friday Aug. 20 - Bamboo Day
Saturday Aug. 21 - Senior Citizens Day
Stop by the store, check the website, or call THE DAY OF and find out what the special is that day! Specials will not be announced until the day of.
Check the newsletter each week to see that week's line-up of specials.

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