Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grace Lampwork BeadTrunk Show At 1 Stop Bead Shop

This Friday & Saturday ONLY!

August 27 & 28, 2010

What is a trunk show?

One of our vendors sends us a much larger quantity of their product than we can normally carry in stock, so you have a greater selection fresh from the vendor.

Who is Grace Lampwork?

We like Grace lampwork beads because:
We can consistently get duplicate styles and colorways - great for the designer who is selling his/her jewelry to be able to duplicate something for a customer who wants it "exactly like that one!"

Beads are hand-made in the US - Here is an excerpt from an interview with Grace:
All handmade lampwork glass beads are designed by Grace Ma, who is a self-taught lampworker. Grace started to make beads in Oct 2002. Three months later, she sold her beads on eBay. In July of 2004, Grace did her first bead show - The Whole Bead Show in San Francisco. This show opened the door of a new world. She started to train her own employees to make the beads.

Grace Lampwork Beads has a strict quality control process to make each bead. All of the beads are annealed overnight for better strength. Each small bead takes 5-10 minutes to make. Some people try to make beads faster, but they loose the quality and detail of the design. There is a balance between the speed and quality. Grace Lampwork Beads always have consistently high quality. That's our committment.

Compared with tons of inexpensive low quality imported beads and very expensive fine artisan beads in the market; Grace Lampwork Beads strikes a balance, providing you with the same quality and design as other artisan beads, with affordable price and all made exclusively in the USA.

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