Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kidnapped by Aliens at 1 Stop Bead Shop

At least that's what you can tell your husband.

"Honey, I was drawn by the freakishly bright sparkle beyond the portal with the sign that said BEADS, and I couldn't help myself. Once inside, thousands of beams of sparkly lights blinded me and made me act out of complete instinct. Little voices in my head kept saying, 'Take me home,' and I felt insanely compelled to bring those tiny sparkling objects home with me.

There were aliens
mascarading as nice humans who kept showing me one exciting project after another and in order to go back home they told me I had to sign a contract to agree to come back and learn more about their alien culture. They made me repeat after them - '1 Stop Bead Shop teaches classes.' It all seemed so natural."

"No honey, those beads are NOT things I haven't finished - those are UFOs! (UnFinished Objects)
They even have a club for others like me that have been aboard their spaceship where we can get together and talk about our experiences and work on our UFOs. They call it Club Bead.

The aliens told me that I won't die until all my UFOs are finished. So, if I just keep going back to their alien spaceship, it doesn't matter how many UFOs I encounter, only beading heaven awaits me. And it's a real place! They showed me pictures."

"That's my story, and I'm sticking with it!"

You might as well tell him that. It will make just as much sense to him as the truth!

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