Friday, February 3, 2012

1 Stop Club Bead Members Give Back

Our 1 Stop Bead Shop Club Bead Members have been busy over the past several months, giving up some of their own beading time, to make bracelets for the Beading to Beat Autism cause. Michala started this movement at age 10 to help her little brother Evan who has Autism. Her story is an inspiration to all people who have a dream. You can read more about it here.

The effort was spearheaded by Jen Mackan, 1 Stop Bead Shop customer and Club Bead Member, who worked with Beading to Beat Autism organization to obtain the beads and supplies.
Each Club Bead Friday night for several months, nearly a dozen different individuals have contributed their time to string and tie these simple little stetchy seed bead bracelets in a host of color ways.

The bracelets make great gifts for friends & family, and are a simple reminder of life's blessings and challenges. The bracelets are now "on sale" at 1 Stop Bead Shop for a suggested donation of $3. Their goal is to raise $300,000,000! All of our efforts working together can help make this happen. Won't you help this great cause and pick up a few the next time you're in?!

Collect them all, and start a trend!


  1. I just finished my kit of bracelets and am mailing them back. I sold quite a few but not all so have to ship the remaining bracelets and money back.
    It is a worth while cause, I am actually going to miss doing the bracelets.

  2. Dear Jen and Lisa, thank you for reminding 1 Stoppers of the importance of supporting Autism.

    The statistics are mindboggling:
    1 in every 94 children and 1 in every 70 boys battle each day. In fact, more kids will be diagnosed with Autism this year than cancer, diabetes and aids combined!

  3. Thanks for the postivie feedback ladies. Bonnie, I had no idea about the statistics.