Friday, March 30, 2012

Stephanie's Ode to An Ugly Necklace - In honor of our Ugly Necklace Contest

Ode To An Ugly Necklace

My so-called "ugly necklace" has quite grown on me.
It's hideousness bewitching.
Clumsy - yes.
Awkward - a bit.
But, on my neck, a perfect fit.

With it on I feel like a goddess,
The stares -- they don't faze me.
Though I must be particularly careful
The Fashion Police don’t charge a fee.

Critics call my work "over-zealous,"
But I think they are just jealous.
"Principles of Composition,"
Oh please!
Beauty is what the beholder sees.

(Inspired by: Kimberly Dods' An Ode to My Ugly Necklace - Peralta, New Mexico)

Voting for the 1 Stop Bead Shop Ugly Necklace Contest extended through Easter weekend 2012. Stop in today and support your favorite "Ugly" Necklace.

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