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Class Levels & What to Bring to a 1 Stop Bead Shop Class

You may have noticed that we like teaching classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop. In fact, 1 Stop Bead Shop offers more jewelry making classes than most area stores combined. We have been offering over 90 classes per quarter for over 6 years now. With all those classes, there is a lot of information we have to communicate in a very limited space. So occasionally questions come up. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked ones:

Class Levels – What they mean & why they are important to you:

Level 1 – Beginning – Open to all students. No previous knowledge required. All the basics will be covered and the class will be gently paced.
Level 2 – Beginning/Intermediate - Open to all students - Some previous knowledge or the ability to pick up new techniques easily suggested. Some basics will still be covered, but these classes will move more quickly beyond the basics and the techniques learned will be somewhat more challenging. This level is often assigned to beginning classes that will not be completed in the space of time of the class. No pre-requisite experience required.
Level 3 – IntermediatePre-requisite experience in a similar skill set required. This level of class will require that you know the basic skill sets and will move quickly into an exciting new challenge for the advancing beader.
Level 4 – Intermediate/Advanced – Pre-requisite classes or experience required.
Level 5 – Advanced – For the student who wants to learn the secrets of the artists!

Q. Can I take a level 3 class if I have not had the Pre-requisite?
a. No. Pre-requisites are listed to ensure that you and your fellow students have the most positive experience possible. If you are struggling for lack of the necessary skills, your experience will be frustrating and you will take valuable instructor time away from students who are ready for the next step.
Q. How do I ensure that I am in the appropriate level class?
a. Refer to the schedule or class description on-line and inquire with store personnel if you are still unsure. 1 Stop Bead Shop personnel does not screen students to ensure pre-requisite knowledge. Our philosophy is that we provide as much information as possible to allow the student to make an informed choice.

Q. Will I finish my project in class?
a. With the exception of the most basic Level 1 classes, many classes will NOT finish in class. Because of the nature of most bead weaving classes, often the bulk of the time in a project is spent repeating the stitch to the desired length. In order to keep the instructor cost as reasonable as possible, most of our classes are 2.5 to 3 hour classes. All instructors provide written instructions and design their classes so that you have learned how to add the finishes at home once you have completed the project.
b. Classes that require use of a torch or kiln will generally complete the project in class, but it may need to remain in the store until it is kiln fired, or cools.

Q. Will I receive written instructions?
a. Yes. All 1 Stop instructors provide written instructions so that you will be able to complete the project and/or make more later.

Tools & Materials to bring to class

Q. What should I bring to class?
a. Tools
b. Beads or materials – unless kit is indicated
c. Glasses, magnification, task light – if you need/want.

Q. How do I know if the class requires me to bring my own beads?
a. The printed class schedule and the class description on the website will say “Kit” or “Materials.” Sometimes it will indicate both, which means there is a partial kit, but also materials you should bring.

Q. Where can I find the list of tools/materials needed for class?
a. Contact store personnel – via email, phone or in person – and a complete list will be provided. Materials lists are generally avail 3-4 weeks in advance.

Q. Does 1 Stop Bead Shop provide the tools for class?
a. Generally NO – 1 Stop Bead Shop does not provide tools for classes. – 1 Stop Bead Shop has the philosophy that you are learning to do a technique that you cannot repeat at home unless you own the tools.
b. Exceptions:
i. Beginning Lampwork – we provide everything. If you want to buy the tool kit, it is available for purchase after class.
ii. Kumihimo on the Marudai – You may rent the marudai for the class. If you decide to purchase, rental fee applies to purchase.
iii. Specialty classes – Unusual classes that require tools you are not likely to already own. Torch classes often fall into this category.

Q. Can I borrow tools for the class?
a. 1 Stop Bead Shop has a limited number of tool sets available to share in class. These are provided as a courtesy for those who may have forgotten theirs or have not yet decided which ones to purchase. Depending on the size of the class, tools could be shared between 4-5 students.

Q. Why isn’t there a kit for every class?
a. A lot of 1 Stop Bead Shop students already own many beads that they would like to use in their class projects.
b. Advanced classes sometimes have creativity options that allow you to alter the design.

Q. Can I bring my own beads if the class schedule says “Kit.”
a. No. If the class schedule indicates “Kit” then a kit purchase is required. When kits are required it is generally for 1 of 2 reasons:
i. It is a very beginner class and kits are made available to simplify the often daunting task of choosing and matching colors.
ii. It is imperative to use the “exact” thing that the sample was made with in order that the project work correctly – ie. Size of bead, bead hole size, size of jump ring, gauge or type of wire, etc.

Q. Does 1 Stop Bead Shop guarantee the EXACT same beads or colorway that was used in the class sample?
a. No. Beads come and go. With the exception of a few brands (Swarovski beads, most Japanese Seed Beads, Vintaj, Tierra Cast) most beads are made at the whim of the designer/bead maker. Additionally, manufacturers don’t always have all of their beads in stock either, and they also discontinue shapes and colors. Think of it like a clothing store - you do not expect them to carry every size in every color forever.
b. 1 Stop Bead Shop’s guarantee is that we will have everything you need to complete the project successfully, and will offer you as much variety as possible if choices are appropriate for the project.

Other Misc. Class Questions:

Q. I’ve seen a class in your store and now I’m ready to take it, but don’t see it any more. Can I still take it?
a. Perhaps. Let the staff know what you want. We can add you to a wishlist, or suggest a private class.

Q. Does 1 Stop Bead Shop offer private classes?
a. Private classes can be coordinated if:
i. No class is being offered (or will be in the near future) that teaches the skill you want to learn – provided we have an instructor who knows the technique and is willing to arrange for a private class.
ii. You want to learn multiple techniques in a condensed period of time.
b. Private class fees are $45 an hour w/ a 2 hour minimum, and are by appointment only.

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