Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Week's Blog dedicated to Tierra Cast

I got this email from Tierra Cast today and thought it was worth sharing. During the entire time we have been in business, we have been extoling the quality of the Tierra Cast Lead Free Pewter. See what their research showed about the metal finding industry as a whole.

Principles of TierraCast
Lead Free Pewter

You see us promote these
phrases all the time:
Lead Free
Made in the USA
Original Designs
Quality in the Making
— but why do we stand by
them, and how do they guide
decisions at TierraCast?

Why it Matters to Us

These days virtually all pewter products are advertised as "Lead Free Pewter". This is not surprising since public awareness has grown in response to concerns about toxic content in pewter, and recalls of cast jewelry from overseas manufacturers.

However, advertising claims don't always hold up. We recently commissioned an independent lab test of sample products advertised as Lead Free Pewter, and discovered that only 35% actually turned out to be pewter (many were zinc or steel). And of the samples that were pewter, none were lead free. Results like these make it clear that consumers need to be cautious and informed when making purchases.

Results of our tests
of other "lead free
pewter" products.
Click here.

TierraCast has been requiring our metal suppliers provide us with safe
pewter alloy long before it was mandated by law. Not because we
hope it will help us sell more parts; but because our values dictate it. We
don't want to sell a product that could be potentially harmful, especially
when safer alternatives exist. To view chart showing test results of TierraCast's pewter alloy, click here.

Whether you'll find this true throughout the marketplace isn't quite as clear, so it's crucial that you know what is and is not "lead free pewter." We'll help by clarifying the definitions below.

What is Pewter?
In order to be
presented as pewter,
a product must
contain at least 90%

What is Lead Free?
The industry
standard is no more
than 500 parts per
million (ppm) lead
by weight.

We're committed to providing quality products that are safe to use. So when you see Lead Free Pewter on our products and advertising, you can rest assured we mean it. We tested it; and we can prove the claim.

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