Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Make & Takes – Fast & Fun Jewelry in a Flash

Who knew Make & Takes could be so much fun?! 1 Stop Bead Shop has always welcomed you to “Come Sit & Bead with Us!” It’s our motto – it’s even on the door. So, we’ve always had tables in the store where any day of the week you could just stop by, and set up camp and make beaded jewelry to your heart’s content. We have also encouraged all visitors to the store to let us show them, on the spot, how to do the beading basics – earrings, crimps, etc. – free of charge.

But our newest use for the tables – Make & Takes at 1 Stop Bead Shop – has been a huge hit! The idea came from a piece of jewelry that people were asking us to show them how to make. It wasn’t long enough to make a full 2-3 hour bead class, but wasn’t really something that could be demonstrated in just a couple of minutes either, so we decided to offer it as a quick Make & Take on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone loved it and asked for more.

Now we see our store jewelry samples in a whole new light. We love to teach classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop, so Make & Takes are a natural extension of what we do.

Since the beginning or our beading Make & Takes this spring, we have offered an earring bar - where you could make any of a dozen earrings by just pulling up to a chair - a resin pendant, a shamrock French Beaded pendant (for the Dublin Irish Festival), and a knotted bead & leather bracelet last Saturday – which was the biggest hit yet with a total of 23 participants - to name a few. Lex McAllister, one of 1 Stop Bead Shop’s partners with No Excuses Radio, stopped by to make a bracelet and video taped her variation of the bracelet which is now posted on YouTube. Check it out on the 1 Stop Bead Shop Facebook Page!

Wanna’ come play with us and do a 1 Stop Make & Take too? Your next opportunity is THIS Saturday, October 8th at 11:00am, 12:00 & 1:00pm. Come make an adorable beaded spider. (Can those 2 words be in the same sentence together? Sounds like an oxymoron to me!) Better yet, make 3 beaded spiders - two for earrings, and one for a pendant. One customer even told me she’s going to mount hers on a Peyote beaded bracelet base. Who knows, maybe she’ll even figure out how to make a little fly for the spider to eat!

Any way it goes, getting together with a bunch of other beaders and learning a new project gets the creative juices flowing as everyone shares their unique ideas. See you Saturday! (No reservations required.)

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