Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Projects at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Start off the New Year with a New Project
Dozens of Great Classes in Jan 2011

Beading w/ PMC - Gemstone Necklace/Bracelet - Mon, Jan 10 - Make jewelry totally yours by creating your own bead caps and clasps from PMC. Then combine with round gemstones and chain.

Slinky Ndebele - Mon, Jan 10 - Learn this foundational rope stitch. Great for bracelet, or for hanging a pendant.

Beginning Wire Wrap - Tue, Jan 11 - Develop muscle memory for the basic skills of wire wrapping using fine gauge wire, while making a charm bracelet and earrings. Only 3 spaces left!

Egyptian Queen Collar - Wed, Jan 12 - Originally designed for 1 Stop! Learn ladder stitch, netting and fringing techniques. Cabochon optional.

Copper Baubles & Beads Necklace & Earrings - Wed, Jan 12 - Learn to manipulate heavy wire into different shapes and anneal. Also learn to use a metal punch to make your own jump rings, bail, clasp and 2 to 1 connector.

Beginning Bead Weaving - Thur, Jan 13 - 1 Stop Bead Shop's Signature Class! The best place to start if you've never done any Bead Weaving. Learn to use a needle & thread to "sew" beads. Easier than it looks - hundreds of people have learned it & you can too!

Bezel Mania & Resin - Sat, Jan 15 & Wed, Jan 19 - 2 part class - Another mixed media. Pt 1 - Learn basic soldering, shaping, texture, ring sizing. Pt 2 - Learn to work with resin to capture your favorite image in a ring. This designer class really teaches you how to make designer jewelry using different mediums. If you desire to move from regular jewelry making into designing, learning to combine mediums is essential.

(Note: If links to classes or pictures are broken, simply go to our January Classes Page which can be found by cutting and pasting: .)

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