Friday, December 31, 2010

Janice Berkebile Coming Soon to 1 Stop Bead Shop

Visiting Guest Wire & Metal Artist
Janice Berkebile arrives in February

All Samples in the Store
All Wire & Metals Classes Pre-req: Intro to Wire (taught Jan 6)

Midnight Lanterns - Thu, Feb 17 - Using plain and textured metal, stack domes in layer after layer adding beads for texture and color. When the stacking is done, cage it all up with wire. Embellish. These are AWESOME in person - you gotta' see the sample!

Pod Rings - Thu, Feb 17 Embellish a special bead with a thai silver drop and cage with basketweave for a dramatic ring!

Fierce Connections - Fri, Feb 18 - Using plain and textured metal, cut out a variety of forms. Explore using disc cutter and dapping block. Add layer after layer of contrasting metals and using various connections, combine the elements. Add beads for texture and color.

Crown Jewel Focal - Fri, Feb 18 - Showcase a focal bead by wrapping it in textured metal strips. Secure with large holed spacers. Embellish with caps, spacers and complimentary beads and add ball chain.

Fruit of the Vine - Sat, Feb 19 -Using basic low tech Repousse and chasing techniques, move metal to create 3-D leaves. Add a few pods made using basketweave and stuffed with your favorite gems and pearls. This is one of the most beautiful bead /wire pieces I've seen - the picture can't even begin to capture the depth and color!

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