Friday, December 31, 2010

Coming Up at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Great Changes "In Store" for You
The creative world of design and fashion is one of constant shift and change. 1 Stop Bead Shop is always interested in staying on the cutting edge of what's new and hot and what you are asking for.
Here are a few of the new items we have begun adding to the store in the last couple of months:
Mykonos Greek Ceramic Beads - Formerly a Byzantium favorite - You asked for it, so we got it. Solid & Mixed Metalic colors. Ask for them by name. So popular we have plans to continue to expand the line in 2011.
1 Step Crimper - Newest innovation in beading tools. You asked for it. We got it!
Tila Seed Beads - Two hole flat seed beads that tickle the design imagination. All the best designers are using them, including our Bonnie Elliot. Show us your designs!
Metal Seed Beads - Real metal beads in seed bead shape in 3 sizes and a dozen metalic colors. 1 Stop is one of only 2 stores in the state to carry these and the only store w/ 15s.
Artistic Wire & Colored Jump Rings - Artistic Wire Jump Rings are new from Artistic Wire. Colored Jump Rings were another request from former Byzantium customers. We intend to expand this line to make 1 Stop your Chain Maille headquarters. Now in a brand new location - easy to see - easy to find!
Base Metal Chain - As silver and gold prices have climbed, manufacturers have stepped up the quality of their base metal production. You're going to love the variety and affordability of even the chunkiest chain.
$10 Large Hole Sterling Core Beads - Semi-Precious, Glass & crystal. Designed to fit Pandora, Chamillia, PerlAmore, etc. but at 1/3 the price!
BrightEye Magnification Glasses - One of the hotest new items of 2010. 2 LED lights on the front of the magnifying glasses light up and magnify your project simutaneously. Lightweight, multiple magnifications and great designer styles!
Sequins - We get constant feedback on how much you love these. Look for them in their new home at the end of the seed bead wall - great dedicated location that allows you to see all the designs!

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