Thursday, September 24, 2009

Classes Available at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Classes still available next week:

X's & O's Bracelet - Mon, Sep 28 - Pretty version of a Right Angle Weave w/ embellishments. Simple enough to wear everyday, but dressy enough to wear for the holidays. Should be finished in class!

Shooting Stars Byzantine Chain Maille Earrings - Mon, Sep 28 - Learn Byzantine CM weave. (Once learned, can be expanded into bracelet or other projects.) Then add chain to make pretty star earrings.

Reversable Crystal Weave- Tue, Sep 29 - Learn to do the Right Angle Weave w/ Crystals and a Rose Montee embellishment to make it reversable. BOUNUS: Sign up for this class and get entered into a drawing for $5 off another Robin class.

Jig Components- Wed, Sep 30- Learn to make a Thing-a-ma-jig to make basic jewelry components. Then learn how those components can be made into complete projects.

Intro to Wire- Thur, Oct 1- Pre-req for ALL our wire, metal & soldering classes. A must have foundational class in wire, guage, terminology, tools, and basic wire components.

Polymer Clay Cane Making - Celtic Knot "Cheat" Cane- Sat, Oct 3- Learn the "cheat" for cutting cane to be able to rearrange for nearly infinate variations.

For more information check the September and October Classes on our website!

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