Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Happy Birthday to 1 Stop
Happy Birthday to 1 Stop
Happy Birthday dear 1 Stop
Happy Birthday to you!

We're 4 years old!
So we're havin' a celebration
And you're invited!

We're offering specials each day
AND, a coupon with EVERY purchase!
How many coupons will you collect?

For 4 years of loyal patronage, you deserve 40% off - right?!

Wednesday, Sep 9
40 % off Tierra Cast
Coupon w/ EVERY purchase

Thursday, Sep 10
40% off Silver & Gold beads & findings
Coupon w/ EVRERY purchase

Friday, Sep 11
Yes Seed Beaders - it's finally your day!
40% off Seed Beads
Coupon w/ EVERY purchase

Saturday, Sep 12
After all that, what could we possibly do for a grand finale?
Stay tuned THIS week for the Grand Finale announcement!

Whew! I dropped the ball on this one; this posting should have gone up on Monday. Sorry!

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