Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello from Lisa in the Czech Republic

Many of you know, the owner of 1 Stop Bead Shop, Lisa Busch, is in the Czech Republic. We recieved the following note from her yesterday.
Having a great time! Flight was perfect (almost had to wait for 2nd flight in Frankfurt, Germany, but 3 guys took vouchers and a couple of us got on - thank goodness - I was so tired).
No jet lag to speak of - weird.

I had several people tell me I would love Prague.
They were soooo right.

But, we only had 2 days there! MUST come back. I think I could live here. It's so beautiful. Interestingly the countryside looks exactly like Ohio - pine, birch, oak, hills and flat farm lands. We saw a French country estate today - the Rhuen (sp?) family estate. It was called a castle. I've read enough history to know not a castle, but magical nonetheless.

Suddenly I was in all those books I've read. They were laughing at me, because I said I could see the nobility in their dresses, and the Three Musketeers arriving in the front by carriage and strolling the gardens. I was completely transported back in time! The best part was that one of the husbands with us is a trained musician who can play (I mean REALLY play) the organ. When the pipe organ was being described, one of our group volunteered him to play and the tour guide invited him to do it. Vagner (sp?) played this organ when he visited the family, and our friend played it for us in the chapel - on a Sunday - when I was missing church. On top of that, he play "How great Thou Art, and one of the store owners was a trained opera singer. I'm in a 17th century country nobility estate listing to "How Great Thou Art" on an organ once play by Vagner being sung by a trained operatic singer on a Sunday in the Czech Republic! WOW!!!!

Okay, so about beads. We saw our first beads today (if you don't count the Swarovski store - yes Robin I took pictures). We had the opportunity to buy vintage (prior to WWII) Czech glass CRYSTALS today. I bought enough to sell. Very once in a life-time. Tomorrow, we travel to 3 bead factories, where we will buy.

So, it's 11:00 here (5:00 pm your time. Lauren probably just finished singing her final concert). We have to be up at 8:00 (I know - WAAAA!)

I really miss you all.


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