Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another note from Lisa in the Czech Republic

Here's another note from Lisa, the owner of 1 Stop Bead Shop from the Czech Republic:

I've been missing you all! We are staying in a Pension which is a Czech word for apartment or bed and breakfast, but not in the typical sense of either one. Our room is much like a college dorm room - 2 twin beads on a board, w/ an eggshell mattress and a single sheet and coverlet (that was the style even in the Hilton in Prague - which was quite swank BTW).

There is a computer right outside our room, so it's not like at the Hilton where I had to be dressed to go up to the executive lounge to work on the computer. There are only 3 rooms on our floor which overlooks the beer sign for the resaurant below. It's modern and clean and bright and I really like it.

I love the Czech Republic. People are nice and so far I've felt quite safe.

The best shopping was yesterday when a dealer in vintage Czech beads (prior to WWII) brought Czech crystal and glass to us. I managed to snag a necklace that is exquisite. The Czech people only just came out of communism 20 years ago. So, this vintage guy was blown away by how much we all bought.

Tomorrow we get to go see how the beads are made. I'm taking the video camera.


  1. Very cool, Lisa! Looking forward to continued updates!

  2. Thanks Amie! We should get more updates soon - Lisa has just returned home and we expect to hear ALL about it.