Thursday, October 21, 2010

Classes Still Available Next Week at 1 Stop Bead Shop

Beginning Bead Strringing - Multi-Strand or Laura Liska Bracelet -- Mon, Oct 25 - Learn all the basics of bead stringing using the multple strand technique and or Laura Liska bead mix. Only 2 spaces left - no pushes!

Viperkin Chain Maille Cuff - Wed, Oct 27 - Kin to the viper weave. Advanced weave - are you up for the challenge? Please note - this is a Level 4 class and requires at least 2 previous CM classes!

Netted Necklace - Wed, Oct 27 - Variation on the original. Learn to make an embellished netted necklace that properly curves around the neck. Add any drops. Netting, RAW, fringe.

Molded PMC Button Charms - Thu, Oct 28 - Make a two-part mold of your favorite buttons to use with PMC. Create charms for a bracelet or necklace. May not be completed in class.

Intermediate Lampwork - Sat, Oct 30 -This is the perfect opportunity to hone
your skills. You will learn other shapes (cones, cylinders, bicones, cubes) and then you will also learn about some stuff you can do with dots (stacked dots, poked dots, included bubbles). You'll makes some interesting patterns as well (raked dots, raked

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