Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Flexible Customer Rewards Program at 1 Stop Bead Shop

New Flexible Customer Rewards Program to Start the Next 5 Years!

$10 Reward Coupon with $120 Combined Purchases over 60 Day Rolling Period

How it Works:
Enrollment is automatic - Every Qualifying Purchase you make goes toward the $120 threshold*
Computer tracks all purchases and alerts when reward is available**

Re-sets forward 1 month at the end of each 60 days (ex: Sep-Oct is first 60 days. At end of Oct, Sep goes away & Nov adds on - Oct purchases are maintined.)
Rewards earned and Balance remaining until next reward printed on bottom of every receipt.

30 day expiration on all Rewards Coupons
Coupon available for redemption 1 day after Reward earned
Rewards earnings began Sep 1 - If you've already shopped in Sep, all your purchases have counted!

Qualifying Purchase means products & classes - does not include tax, shipping, or Gift Certificate purchases. Rewards for Gift Certificates earned at time of GC redemption.

Rewards program does not apply to Loyalty Club Members because Loyalty Club Benefits are greater than rewards program.

Entire $10 reward must be used in same purchase - no remainder issued. Customer may chose not to use reward if purchase under the $10 threshold.

Only 1 reward may be used per day, regardless of how many available.
Rewards automatically expire 30 days from earned date.
Flexible Customer Rewards Program subject to change with or with out notice from 1 Stop Bead Shop.

Frequent Beader Card Program Announcement
Frequent Beader Card program is going to be discontinued and marks on card will cease as of 9/10/10.
Look in Next Week's Newsletter for how to redeem Frequent Beader Cards with marks - whether full or not - DON'T THROW THEM AWAY!

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