Monday, March 8, 2010

Sheila Cleary visiting 1 Stop Bead Shop in May!

Introducing our next Visiting Guest Artist:
Sheilah Cleary

Sheila will be visiting in May. Her classes are filling fast - sign up for your spot now!

Sheila writes:

I've been a devoted craft person all my life. My needle art works have won numerous awards and my authentically reproduced Baltimore Album quilt was judged the finest of its class in several national competitions. But, by far, my best-known creations - and my absolute favorite handwork - involve wire and bead design.

I am thrilled to have taught my techniques in all sections of the US mainland, Hawaii and in many foreign countries including Singapore, Australia, and Japan…where I am called a Sensei of Sensei or a master teacher of master teachers. It is also a thrill for me to have done design work for the president and founder of the Miyuki Shoji company where I sincerely believe the world's finest beads - Delicas - are produced. During these trips, I have the opportunity to conduct classes for their senior instructors and representatives in Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima. My work has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles and I frequently contribute to BEADWORK/INTERWEAVE publications.

All of Sheilah's classes at 1 Stop are beginner level classes that EVERYONE can take!

Seafoam Kumihimo Necklace

Fri , May 7

Kumihimo is a fun, super fast way to weave a beaded rope using a Marudi. In one class session you can complete a rope necklace that would take 8-12 hours with a needle and thread! Both Kumihimo classes are Level 1 and both teach a different weave.

The braid used in this necklace is most unique and inventive. When completed, it seems as though srands of interior beads are caged inside an exterior braid. The color way is reversed for the second side of the necklace to achieve a complete color transformation. Compare our cost - $85 with $208 at B&B! Pre-prep work necessary - get prep booklet.

My Manolos Shoes

Fri, May 7 - 6:00

Now it's your turn to be like Sarah Jessica Parker...only your Manolo's will be on your wrist. Design many shoes, from flip-flops to heels while learning even-count peyote and brick stitch. Only 5 spaces left!

Show it Off Kumihimo Necklace

Sat, May 8

It looks a lot like a crocheted rope, but instead of taking days, it only takes a few hours. Made on a Japanese Marudai braiding table, you will learn both how to set up the Marudai and how to do the actual braiding. Both Kumihimo classes are Level 1 and both teach a different weave. Pre-prep work necessary - get prep booklet..

Non-Collapsible Peyote Tubes

Tue, Mar 9

Have you ever made peyote tubes only to have the tubes collapse and the ends show? Learn a great trick I developed to make your peyote stitch tubes 'non-collapsible', and how to finish the tube so it looks like a finished component complete with attached end caps or spacers. Use entirely to make a bracelet/necklace or use as components to add color to any design.

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