Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spotlight on Artists at 1 Stop Bead Shop: Pam Minter

Spotlight on Our Friends and Artists: Pam Minter

Moon Face Bracelet.jpg Egyptian Queen.jpg

Pam writes: The center of the Bead Embroidered White Bracelet (left) is a carved moonstone face that I've had forever; this is also my first bling. As the face was embellished and the pearl evolved into a netted rose, the shades and movement of the bracelet took form.

As for the Queen (right), I fell in love with this fringe and it seemed perfect for an for one of my ceramic faces, so perfect that adding any more fringe ruined the balance. The elements of the necklace dictated what followed. My kids both say they always remember my love of cameos. guess it's carried over to beading.

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