Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Special Events at 1 Stop Bead Shop this weekend!

We have two special events to entice you this upcoming weekend!

Jeannette Cook Trunk Show
This Friday & Saturday ONLY
October 16 & 17
10:00 - 6:00 both days

Jeannette tells us she's been kitting like crazy all week to bring you the best selection! Come choose from most of her most popular class kits.

There are still a few spaces in each of Jeannette's classes:

Classes will be limited to 16 students.
Third Eye Pendant- Fri, Oct 16 - 10:00 - 6 hr -level 4 pendant that will teach you how to combine the stitches you've learned - netting & Ndebele - in ways that give you a more complex result. If you haven't taken a more advanced class, and you know these stitches, there is no better instructor to help you to advance you skills than Jeannette!

Enchanting Chain - Fri, Oct 16- 6:00 - 3 hrs - Level 2/3. We wanted to bring you a class that everyone could do. SOOOO many of you have taken RAW classes at 1 Stop, so you'll have no trouble taking what you know and learning how to insert it inside a piece of chain. Imagine the possibilities! NOTE: You will learn the SINGLE version of this class.

Tiles of Antoni Gaudi - Sat, Oct 17 - 10:00 - 6 hrs - Level 4. Learn the story behind the design while Jeannette takes you through the design elements. Another great chance to take an advanced level class and learn how to combine the Peyote & RAW stitches.

Femme Florets Ring - Sat, Oct 17 - 6:00 - 3 hrs - Level 3. Just a little bit of fun for your finger. If you know Peyote, now you can learn to make peyote "perform" tricks for you.

But WAIT there's more!
(I always wanted to say that - Hannah)

We went to a show last weekend and purchased some beautiful, exciting new beads for you!

We bought limited quantities of each, and I don't expect them to last the weekend.

Get here early for best selection!

1) Introducing Susan Bailey Polymer Clay beads. You have seen some of her beads before when we brought you some to see how you like them. Alive with the vibrant color combinations and designs of an experienced artist, these are some of the most beautiful polymer clay beads I've ever seen. And her prices are UNBELIEVABLE! She could charge 3x as much!

Susan had heard great things about our store from her guild member friends who have attended classes here. She contacted us before the show and asked us if we would like to carry her beads at 1 Stop. We are pleased to add her collection as another staple of 1 Stop Bead Shop.

2) Earthenwood Ceramic Pendants & Charms. Again, you've seen a few of these before, and based on your initial response we brought you a larger selection. Earthenwood's ceramic beads are hand-formed, hand-painted and glazed with a distinctive recognizable artistic flare. This time we are introducing 2 new design lines: 1) Stoneware Box Pendants - Each 1 is a hand-crafted 1 of a kind design combining ceramics, metals, and beads in a "shadow box" design. They are the type of interesting that makes you want to study them and take them all in. These WILL get noticed! 2) Steampunk Stones - I had to ask, "What is steampunk?" and of course Stephanie knew all about it. Steampunk had actually been around since the 80's but is major hot right now. Steampunk is most simplistically described as a style that embraces the feel of the Victorian age as it was meeting the industrial revolution, which a touch of fantasy. Themes like gears, locks, clocks, buckles, fans, propellors, rivets are make steampunk instantly recognizable - once you know what it is :-)

3) S&S Lapidary Cabochons - Time from some new cabs from our favorite stone cutter - Gerry Stinnet. Limited selection.

4) New Semi-precious strands - Robin only selected the most interesting new beads she could find and in limited quantities. They are stunning and unlike anything we've had recently if ever.

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