Sunday, February 22, 2009



A what? A color sale - a different bead color will be on sale - 20% off - each day from Monday, Feb 23 - Friday, Feb 28. Here's how it will work:
Monday - Drive away the winter blues with all shades of blue and purple beads.
Tuesday - Brighten your day with all shades of yellows, organges, and crystals (clear).
Wednesday - Think of hot summer days with all shades of reds and pinks.
Thursday - Think spring with the colors of new grass and leaves - all shades of green.
Friday - Warm up the earth with warm earth-tone browns and blacks.

--What is included in the sale? All Czech glass, Swarovski, Semi-precious/pearls, Chinese glass, Greek beads, and seed beads.

--What does "unadvertised" mean - clearly you're telling us about it? That's right, I'm telling YOU, my loyal customers who read my emails. However, this sale will not be advertised in the store.

--So how do I make sure I get the discount? Be sure to tell your cashier which beads you selected for the sale. Because this is an UNADVERTISED sale, the cashiers will not be asking if you are "here for the sale."

--How much do I save? 20% off all beads in the color family listed on THAT day. Save more - come back every day!

Like this sale? Tell Jackie about it. She thought of it. Way to be creative Jackie!

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