Monday, June 16, 2008

New items from Bead & Button

Hello Bead Friend!

Robin and Lisa (and therefore the entire staff except for Hannah who's busy being a bum in Taos) have been working overtime (literally) to get all the new exciting finds from the Bead & Button show ready to show you. We would like to invite you to come see everything we brought back before it gets blended in with the rest of the merchandise. Please join us this week, June 16-21. We have it all set up and waiting for you to drool over!

Here are just a few of the goodies you don't want to miss:

What does this have to do with beads you may ask? Well, this is an Abelman vase. He makes beads too. SO, just imagine a blown glass bead made under a fuming hood, with glass made from sand that he mixes himself. They are perhaps the most gorgeous focal beads I have ever seen. Robin had to MAKE Lisa stop buying them, because she would have spent the entire budget there. We only bought 30, and we're down to 14, so you'll want to be here early for the best selection. Hannah had one shipped to her in Taos since she'd been meaning to get one for years. As a side note, don't lick the beads, even though they look like they are candy.

I wouldn't be surprised if they completely sold out by the end of the week!

Lisa was in a real lampwork mood, so we brought home tons of new lampwork from artists you're familiar with like Nikki Thornburg (recently a gallery feature next to Hannah in Bead Unique), Sher Berman, and Louise Little's Desert Bloom Designs. We've been sold out of Sher and Louise's beads for months! And, Nikki just added a complete new line of silver on glass which we picked up, as well as these really cool flat spiral disks (wait till you see the sample Robin made from them - Danielle said it was the "coolest piece of jewelry I've ever worn.").

We also picked up a few new artists, of which one of the coolest was JoElla Johnson with her Tantrum beads. She tells me that these beads are what happened when she had a temper tantrum w/ glass one day. You just have to see them to imagine all the possibilities! One of her beads in featured in The 2nd All New Micro Macrame by Kris Buchanan (we carry it in the store).

We especially liked Grace's beads - made in America (she promises), she has trained several lampwork artists to make them to her specs, so that you can get strands of similar beads and re-order them again and again to fill those customer orders. Sounds like they might be plain, but they are really quite pretty, the perfect size for bracelets, and focals are available to match!

Oh, and then there are these neat new furnace glass bracelet parts. Just add a center bead and clasp and you have a very cool, attention getting bracelet.Or try a necklace curve on chain. Lisa really wants to make one of these w/ a spiral or Ndebele rope! The squiggles are way cool for earrings too!

Didn't we tell you Lisa went nuts for glass?! :-)

For those of you that have been anxious for a new influx of cabochons, we didn't skimp. We bought over $1500 of stone, art glass and dichroic glass. (The new black/white, and the new pink/purple give you new colors to work with.)

We also picked up several thousand $$ in new Czech glass. The one we were most excited about is a 4mm Firepolish bead in TRUE Purple.

Don't worry semi-precious fans - we took care of you too! - to the tune of $6000 worth of new semi-precious beads and focals. We are finally adding a line of beads for our more discerning customers - beautiful gem cut rondells in Spinel, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Iolite, Sunstone, Garnet and more - scrumptious strands starting at $60 and up. Got more of the ever popular dyed Crazy Lace Agate too!

What's left? Oh, silver - hilltribe and bali. And Copper. And Books - fabulous designs for peyote pouches that can be put on a form and stitched right on the pattern - innovative and EASY!

Okay, so are you getting the idea that you don't want to miss this preview?
See ya' this week!

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